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Jörn Loviscach (2009)

Jörn Loviscach (* 1965 ) is a German mathematician. He is a professor for engineering mathematics and technical computer science at the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences [1] and former deputy editor-in-chief of the computer magazine c't . [2] Loviscach was the topic sponsor of the topic group "Innovations in learning and examination scenarios" from 2014 to 2016 at the University Forum Digitization initiated by the Center for University Development, University Rectors' Conference and Stifterverband in 2014 , which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. [3]


Loviscach received his doctorate from Bielefeld University in 1993 , the title of the dissertation was Probabilistic models of chaotic maps . [4] He also published articles on this research area in the publication series of the Research Center Bielefeld-Bochum-Stochastik ( A large class of functions with good properties under Anosov maps , 1993) and in the journal Journal of Statistical Physics (Volume 75, 1994, Pp. 189-213) and Probability Theory and Related Fields (Volume 103, 1995, pp. 553-570).

From March 2005 to August 2008 he headed the research project ViSE: Virtual Sound Engineer at the Institute for Computer Science and Automation of the University of Bremen , which was about the development of media aids for working with audio data. [5] Loviscach is also concerned with the design of user interfaces in computer games (Advances in Computers, Volume 77, 2009, pp. 79–115).


He gained fame among other things by making his filmed lectures available on the YouTube video portal and integrating these recordings into his lessons. [6] His teaching concepts also include the teaching method of inverted teaching . [7] Jörn Loviscach's channel now has more than 15 million hits, over 50,000 subscribers and around 2,700 videos. [8] [9] [10] The technical aids he uses include a tablet PC on which he can write and draw with a stylus and from which the image is projected onto the wall by a projector.[11] The videos on YouTube can also be sorted on Jörn Loviscach's own website and accessed and viewed using a search engine. [12]

In September 2011, he gave a lecture on the topic of mathematics on YouTube at the conference of the e-learning specialist group in the Society for Computer Science (DeLFI 2011) : challenges, tools, experiences . [13] He teaches the online course "Making Math Matter: Differential Equations in Action" on Udacity . [14]

Since December 2012 Loviscach has been creating videos under the title “Journeys through space-time”, in which he shows the viewer the physics of general and special relativity theory from a mathematical point of view.

Scientific publications (selection)

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  • 2007 Two-finger input with a standard touch screen, Proceeding UIST'07 20th annual ACM symposium on User interface software and technology, S. 169–172
  • 2008 P. Kolhoff, J. Preuß, J. Loviscach: Content-Based Icons for Music Files. Computers & Graphics 32, S. 550–560


The name "Lowischach" is pronounced with an emphasis on the "o".


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