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Jübergturm in Hemer
Place: Jüberg , Hemer
Land: North Rhine-Westphalia
State: Germany
Altitude : 293,7 m ü. NHN
Coordinates: 51 ° 23 '9.7 " N , 7 ° 47' 6.4" E
Use: Observation tower
Accessibility: Observation tower open to the public
Tower data
Construction time : 2010
Construction costs : 470.000 Euro
Architect : Birk Heilmeyer and Frenzel
Building materials : Wood , with steel stairs
Total height : 23,5 m
Aussichts­plattformen: 4,38 m, 8,75 m, 13,13 m, 17,5 m, 21,88 m
Further data
Inauguration: 17. April 2010
Number of steps: 125 steps

Position map
Jübergturm (North Rhine-Westphalia)
Localization of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany

The Jübergturm is a 23.5 m high observation tower in the area of ​​the North Rhine-Westphalian city ​​of Hemer , which was built for the Hemer State Horticultural Show in 2010 . The building, which is part of the Sauerlandpark Hemer today, is the city's new landmark.

Geographical location

The Jübergturm stands about 565 m [1] south-southwest of the summit of the Jüberg ( 305.2 m above sea level ). It is located in the Sauerlandpark Hemer, which emerged from the grounds of the State Garden Show Hemer 2010 , at 293.7 m [1] height. It has been made accessible since 2010 by a staircase called the Himmelsleiter [1] and the barrier-free zigzag path [1] , both of which come from the direction of the city center and begin in the former site of the Blücher barracks .


Originally, a construction consisting mainly of reinforced concrete with wide stairs was to be built according to a design by Swiss architects Beat Müller and Katharina Schewe. For reasons of nature conservation this draft was rejected, so that new drafts were prepared. The main material should now be wood. After protests from the population, interested citizens were asked to vote. With a narrow majority they chose the somewhat smaller design by the Swiss architects, but modified as a stair-like wooden structure. [2] [3]

For financial reasons, however, only the second-placed design was implemented from January 2010, which was planned by a consortium of the Stuttgart architects Birk and Heilmeyer and the engineering office Knippers Helbig . [4] [5] This is based on the work of the Russian engineer Wladimir Grigorjewitsch Schuchow and is similar to the Lörmecke tower in Warstein , which is why the Warsteiner mayor Manfred Gödde complained against the Hemeraner decision: The tower was made as a freely weathered wooden structure made of Siberian larch built. [6]

Construction site on April 3, 2010

The construction of the tower was supported by the Stadtsparkasse Hemer Foundation with around 450,000 euros. [7] After night work in the last weeks of the tower was completed on 16 April 2010 and officially removed. One day after the start of the state horticultural show , the tower was officially opened for the event. The official ceremonial handover of the Jübergturm to the Hemeraner citizens was carried out by the representative of the Sparkassenstiftung's board of trustees on September 5, 2010. [8]


The principle of hyperbolic lattice shells by the Russian engineer Vladimir Grigoryevich Schuchow was adopted and further developed for the tower . The Schuchow principle was implemented in wood. [9] According to the architects, this is the first real wooden bar hyperboloid, in which only the outer frame supports. [10]

The observation tower, which tapers towards the base, has a height of 23.5 m and is located at a height of 293.74 m . The outer construction of the round tower consists of two levels with a total of 240 straight squared timbers , which run diagonally upwards in opposite directions and are connected to one another. The two levels consist of 120 square timbers each with a cross-section of 8 cm by 8 cm.

On the inner and outer levels of the outer construction there are alternating 20 by six pieces of wood of different lengths. Wood one ends just above the first platform, wood two just above the second platform and so on. Timbers five and six end 1.62 m above the fifth platform.

The viewing platforms are at heights of 4.38 m ( 298.12 m above sea level ), 8.75 m ( 302.49 m ), 13.13 m ( 306.87 m ), 17.50 m ( 311 m ) 24 m ) and 21.88 m ( 315.62 m ).

Inside the tower, five flights of stairs with a total of 125 steps lead to the top platform. As the number of square timbers running upwards decreases from platform to platform, the tower becomes more and more open. [11]

View from the Jübergturm over the Hemeran town center

Possibility of viewing

From the observation deck of Jübergturms visitors get the view among others to the west down to Hemer with the former in the Sauerland Blücher barracks and on the eastern plateau with parts of the former site training area as well as on the grounds of the Sauerland parks Hemer .

Individual evidence

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