Jewish cemetery (Ermreuth) - Jüdischer Friedhof (Ermreuth)

Jewish cemetery in Ermreuth, 2011
Jewish cemetery in Ermreuth, 2011

The Jewish cemetery in Ermreuth in the Upper Franconian district of Forchheim is a Jewish burial site that was occupied from 1711 to 1937.


The 2,640 m² burial place is located about 1.5 km northwest of the village of Ermreuth between orchards and forests on the slope of the Heinbühl , above the previous cattle drive . The plot in the form of an irregular triangle is bordered to the north by a stone wall with two gates, the other sides are bordered by a wire fence and a hedge.


Old entrance gate of the Jewish cemetery in Ermreuth, 2011
Gravestone in the Jewish cemetery in Ermreuth with a relief of a jug for the ritual washing of hands , 2011

First of all, the Ermreuth Jews buried their deceased in the Jewish cemetery in Baiersdorf . 1711 acquired the Jewish community in Ermreuth from the manorial a barren piece of land and put its own burial ground there. The growing number of parishioners led to major expansions of the cemetery in 1797 and 1862. [1]

Almost all members of the Jewish community in Ermreuth were buried in the cemetery. For Jews who did not belong to the Ermreuther community, a double funeral fee had to be paid first. Around 215 of the former 500 tombstones have been preserved. The oldest tomb dates from 1730, the youngest from 1932. Most of the existing graves were dug in the 19th century. After the maximum number of Jewish residents had been reached in the village with 194 people in 1822, the number then fell rapidly due to emigration to the cities. In 1933 there were only five Jewish households in Ermreuth, in which a total of 21 people lived. [2]

The cemetery was desecrated during the Nazi era . In 1936, 19 tombstones were knocked over and the complex underwent significant changes in the period that followed. The last two deceased, buried in 1936 and 1937, no longer received any gravestones. During the November pogroms in 1938 , the furnishings and rituals of the synagogue built in 1922 in Ermreuth were destroyed. At least 38 Jews born or resident in Ermreuth fell victim to the Holocaust . [3]

In 1993, stabilization measures were carried out on many gravestones that had fallen over and threatened to topple over, some of which proved to be disadvantageous. Irreparable damage was done to several gravestone slabs. [4]


Individual evidence

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