Jewish Institute for Adult Education - Jüdisches Institut für Erwachsenenbildung

Jewish Institute for Adult Education
Founded: 1989
Founder: Kurt Rosenkranz
Address: Praterstern 1
A-1020 Vienna
Telephone: 1 89174153000
Fax: 1 89174353000

The Jewish Institute for Adult Education is an adult education center in Vienna .


Founded in 1989 on the initiative of Kurt Rosenkranz , initially as an association with a cooperation agreement with the Association of Viennese Adult Education , the institute later became part of the Vienna Adult Education Centers. The aim of Rosenkranz was an educational institution for Jews and non-Jews in order to reduce misunderstanding, rejection and prejudice. [1]


The educational institution is located in a residential complex built after 1945, Praterstern 1.

Educational topics

From the beginning religion, history, Jewish culture and languages, later literature, music, dance, philosophy, psychotherapy, contemporary history and political education. Accompanied by projects, symposia and exhibitions. [2]


  • In 1991, on the initiative of the Jewish Institute, the annual Jewish Film Week , today's Jewish Film Festival Vienna, came into being .
  • Since 1995 the institute has organized the Yiddish Theater Week every year (since 2007 Yiddish Cultural Autumn). In memory of the Nestroyhof in the nearby Praterstrasse, which was used in Yiddish until 1938, is linked . [3] The Yiddish Cultural Autumn takes place every year from mid-October to mid-November and during this time includes several theater and music performances in which "Yiddish" is in the foreground. The performances take place in the Vienna Odeon Theater , the Wiener Metropol and the Jewish Museum Vienna .



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