Jünkerather union - Jünkerather Gewerkschaft

The Jünkerath trade union (also Jünkerather Hütte ) was a traditional steel works and foundry company in Jünkerath in the Eifel .


Slag wagon from Jünkerath

In 1687, Count Salentin Ernst von Manderscheid-Blankenheim founded the ironworks and leased it to the ironworker Johan de L'Eau from Ahrhütte . De L'Eau set up the first blast furnace. With the help of charcoal from the Eifel and iron ore from the area, pig iron was extracted, which was then sold. [1]

After the occupation of the Left Bank of the Rhine by French revolutionary troops (1794), the Counts of Manderscheid lost their claim to the Jünkerather Hütte as part of the nationalization of the manorial property. In the following decades it was primarily the Eifel families Peuchen and Poensgen who, as riding masters and owners, promoted the development of the hut and the iron industry in general. Ferdinand Poensgen (1829–1919), brother of the Secret Commerce Council and steel industrialist Carl Poensgen , transferred the plant to a mining trade union (corporation) in 1868 and created the name “Jünkerath Trade Union” .

When pig iron production was no longer profitable, the last blast furnace was shut down in 1898. The production had already been switched to mechanical engineering and cast iron and specialized in large format casting in particular. The pig iron and slag transport wagons from the Eifel which are used in many steelworks are known .

Consequently, in 1936, the company name was expanded to include the Jünkerath machine factory and iron foundry trade union . Two years later, the plant was taken over by Demag , but retained its name until it was fully integrated into the Demag Group in 1960. [2] Further takeovers and name changes followed, and since October 2006 the foundry has been an independent GmbH under the name Ergocast Guss, based in Jünkerath. [3]

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