Jürgen Albers - Jürgen Albers

Jürgen Albers (born October 29, 1951 in Saarbrücken ) is a Saarland artist and editor of the Saarland broadcasting company .


Jürgen Albers studied German, history and Latin in Saarbrücken and Marburg and received his doctorate with a thesis on the treatment of history in the dramas by Bertolt Brecht. After graduating, he worked as a high school teacher, journalist and dance and gymnastics trainer.

He made dialect songs in the 1970s and appeared in various cabaret programs from 1979 onwards. After he announced his departure from the cabaret stage in 1995, he has performed his own program again since 2015. [1]

Since 1981 Albers has been an editor and presenter at Saarländischer Rundfunk , where he moderated the traditional program Questions to the Author , which was broadcast on SR 1 Europawelle until February 2003 ; since then it has been running on SR 2 Kulturradio . At the end of March 2017, Jürgen Albers handed over the moderation to Kai Schmieding. [2]

Since 2010 he has turned to music again and founded the band Die Kellerasseln .

Song productions since 1975

  • Es Saarland is Erischdisches Gärdsche (LP self-published 1977).
  • Papi was Rolling Stone ( plans 1979),
  • Horticultural Association (Leico music 1981),
  • Songs from Gärdsche (Leico music 1982),
  • Talk to the people! (Leico music 1985).
  • 20 years of songs from the Gärdsche (Leico music 1997, CD).

Writings (as editor and author)

  • The principle of "historicization" in Bertolt Brecht's drama . Saarbrücken, Univ., Philos. Fak., Diss., 1977.
  • "The story of Simone Machard". A delicate reverie based on the themes of Marx, Lenin, Schiller . In: Brecht yearbook . Edited by John Fuegi, Reinhold Grimm and Jost Hermand. edition suhrkamp 956. Suhrkamp Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 1978. ISBN 978-3-518-10956-4 , pages 66-87
  • Saarbrücken on foot . VSA-Verlag , Hamburg 1989 ISBN 3-87975-507-8
  • Technology assessment . Beltz-Verlag , Weinheim 1995. With Christoph Hubig ISBN 3-88679-254-4
  • Radio story (s). 30 years of “Questions to the Author” . Ottweiler printing and publishing house. With Roland Bernd ISBN 3-923755-74-0
  • Radio classic. 40 years of “Questions to the Author” . Geistkirch Verlag , 2009. With Clemens Zimmermann ISBN 3-938889-67-5 (CV: page 159)
  • The little grandmaster. Enlightened satires . Ottweiler printing and publishing house, 2002. ISBN 3-923755-82-1
  • Express to nirvana. News from the Little Grandmaster . Ottweiler printing and publishing house, 2004. ISBN 3-923755-94-5
  • Enlightenment with Obstacles. The Little Grand Master sits after . Ottweiler printing and publishing house, 2006. ISBN 3-938381-12-4



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