Jürgen Bernhard Kuck - Jürgen Bernhard Kuck

Jürgen Bernhard Kuck (born June 8, 1952 in Königslutter ) is a German artist and art educator .


Jürgen Bernhard Kuck lives and works in Braunschweig . Kuck studied from 1974 to 1979 at the University of Fine Arts Braunschweig with Roland Dörffler , Siegfried Neuenhausen , Malte Sartorius . From 2002 to 2004 he was given a teaching position at the HBK. Since 1979 Kuck has been working as a freelance artist ( book art , picture stories, photography , painting , graphics ) and as an author of art theory and art didactic essays and books. In 1983 he got a job as an art teacher at the high school Raabe School in Braunschweig, 1996, he was FachleiterArt and director of studies at the Braunschweig study seminar.


Jürgen Bernhard Kuck: Hunting Frieze Königslutter

The focus of his artistic work are picture stories and comics on classical poetic texts by Sophocles , Boccaccio , Goethe , Kafka and others. In addition, he has published numerous articles on art theory and art didactics as well as research results on art history. Kuck became known as a researcher through the discovery of a puzzling effect in the central relief of the hunting frieze on the high medieval imperial cathedral (Königslutter) : The two hares that tie up a hunter here reveal the devil's face in the puzzle. A centuries-old riddle was solved.

In his most recent publication (Sophocles: Antigone. In pictures by Jürgen Bernhard Kuck) the devil's face from Königslutter appears on the cover picture.


Solo exhibitions

  • The Succubus (Juergens Gallery, Hamburg 1978)
  • Path pictures (gallery at Lademannbogen, Hamburg 1990)
  • The gold of the philosophers (Kaiserdom Königslutter, 2003)
  • Resistance as a legend of saints (House of the Church Berlin 2005)
  • Nikolaus, Lothar and the Devil (Museum for City History Königslutter, 2007)
  • Stammtisch and Last Supper (Temporary Gallery Braunschweig, 2008)

Group exhibitions

  • Graphics (Kunstverein Göttingen 1979)
  • Violence and Fear (Cultural Institute of the City of Braunschweig 1996)
  • Nude studies (Braunschweig Cultural Institute 1997)
  • Images against oblivion (Friedenskapelle Braunschweig 1998)
  • Paths to the Self (Braunschweig Trade Union House, 2000);
  • The gold of the philosophers (Kaiserdom Königslutter, 2003);
  • The hunter's blood (Malerkapelle Königslutter, 2003);
  • We are hanged because we thought together (Braunschweigisches Landesmuseum, 2003)
  • Two rabbits that become the devil (Actionistic lecture in the Vienna Burgtheater in the performance "AREA 7 - Matthäusexpedition" by Christoph Schlingensief, 2006)


  • Mr. Kulik's nightmares. Series of pictures (in: Helmuth Hartwig, Learning to See, Cologne 1976)
  • Edgar Allan Poe : Hop-frog. A picture story by Jürgen Kuck (HBK Braunschweig, Braunschweig 1979)
  • On the origin and development of drawing practice: The relationship between reception and production of picture stories since my childhood (in: Helmuth Hartwig, Jugendkultur, Hamburg 1980)
  • Richard Wagner : Tannhäuser . A picture story by Jürgen Kuck (PP-Verlag, Braunschweig 1986)
  • The trial against Anna Kleve. A picture story by Jürgen Kuck (PP-Verlag, Braunschweig 1986)
  • The mural by Mascherode, art education and home care in the social space (Braunschweigische Landschaft eV, Braunschweig 1997)
  • I am this whole world. Pictures and stories about the Tarot (Verlag Michael Kuhle, Braunschweig 1997)
  • Sören Kierkegaard : Diary of the seducer (in: My secret eye XIV, bankruptcy book publisher Claudia Gehrke, Tübingen 1999)
  • Either ... or. A book in pictures by Jürgen Kuck. With texts by Sören Kierkegaard (Verlag Pro Business, Berlin 2000)
  • The memorial for victims of war and tyranny as a place of mourning, encounters and extracurricular learning (in: Regional Trade Union Papers, Issue 13, published by DGB-Kreis Region Braunschweig, Braunschweig 2000)
  • The emblem of wisdom: the hunting frieze at the cathedral in Königslutter (in: Yearbook Gymnasium Raabeschule Braunschweig 2000/2001, Braunschweig 2001)
  • The freedom of images (in: Images for September 11th, Memorial for Victims of War and Tyranny Braunschweig, Braunschweig 2001)
  • Johann Wolfgang Goethe : Faust , first and second part. In pictures by Jürgen Bernhard Kuck (Lehmanns Media, Berlin 2001 and 2005) ISBN 9783865410948
  • Resistance as a legend of saints - Helmuth James Graf von Moltke and Saint Katharina von Alexandrien (in: Braunschweigisches Landesmuseum, information and reports 2/2003, Braunschweig 2003)
  • Nikolaus , Lothar and the devil. The hunting frieze at Königslutter cathedral as a cosmic riddle (Museum for City History Königslutter, Königslutter 2007) ISBN 9783000218965
  • Marsilio Ficino: Stammtisch and Last Supper. Drawings and paintings by Jürgen Bernhard Kuck (Lehmanns Media, Berlin 2008) ISBN 9783865412706
  • Sophocles : Antigone . In pictures by Jürgen Bernhard Kuck (Lehmanns Media, Berlin 2008) ISBN 9783865412829

Contributions to BDK communications and BDK circulars

  • Film analysis (in: BDK circular 1/85, Hannover 1985)
  • The book as a total work of art (in: BDK circular 2/86, Hanover 1986)
  • Fratricide in the oxbow lake - children who kill (in: BDK-Mitteilungen 2/93, Hannover 1993)
  • Nudes in art class (in: BDK-Mitteilungen 4/97, Hannover 1997)
  • Pictures against forgetting (in: BDK-Mitteilungen 1/99, Hannover 1999)
  • The symposium of Plato as the starting point for a systematic of art Research on the history of art and the history of ideas in class (in: BDK-Mitteilungen 2/00, Hannover 2000)
  • The art of memory. Transformation and assimilation of myths in specialist work (BDK-Mitteilungen 2/01, Hannover 2001)
  • Devil too! The priority of perception over terms (in: BDK-Mitteilungen 1/02, Hannover 2002)
  • Art and comic. The logo and its incorporation (in: BDK.Mitteilungen 4/03, Hannover 2003)
  • Desired and distorted images of the subject art. On the tradition and topicality of utopianism


  • Defamation and destruction in subject didactics (in: BDK-Mitteilungen 1/05, Hannover 2005)
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