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Jürgen Borchert (* 1949 in Gießen ) is a German social judge and political advisor . He was until December 2014 [1] Presiding Judge of the 6th Division of the Hessian State Social Court in Darmstadt . [2]


Borchert studied law, sociology and political science in Freiburg, Geneva and Berlin. He passed his 1st and 2nd state exams in 1974 and 1978 [3] and received his doctorate in 1981. [4] In his dissertation , he developed guidelines for a family-friendly pension system. [2]

From 1978 to 1983 he worked as a research assistant at the chair for labor and social law in the legal department at the Free University of Berlin and at the computer science department at the University of Bremen . After his admission as a lawyer in 1980, he accepted a position in the Hessian social justice system in 1983 and became a judge at the Hessian State Social Court in 1986. Among other things, he carried out teaching assignments for the Bundestag Committee for Labor and Social Affairs, for the parliamentary group of the Greens and for the medium-sized business association of the CDU / CSU . Borchert is a founding member of the New Judges' Association .[3]

In 2002 he developed a family policy concept for the then Prime Minister of Hessen Roland Koch . [4] In his “Wiesbaden draft” from 2002, Borchert criticized the fact that the burdens and benefits of the children were unevenly distributed. There is a privatization of the burden of children taking place with a simultaneous socialization of the benefits that arise through children. That puts a disproportionate burden on low and average-income families. [5] Borchert is one of the authors of the 2007 Children's Report .

Borchert was involved in three judgments that had a major impact on family policy . In the oral negotiations on the " rubble women judgment " in 1992 and "care judgment" in 2001, he was heard as an expert by the Federal Constitutional Court . [6] In autumn 2008, the 6th Senate of the Hessian State Social Court, whose chairman is Judge Borchert, called the Federal Constitutional Court on constitutional concerns to review the Hartz IV rules. The Federal Constitutional Court followed this ruling in 2010 . [2]

Borchert has written several publications on family policy and reform of the welfare state. Above all, he sees the need for reform as a result of the pension reform of 1957 and the intergenerational contract associated with it , in particular for pension insurance and long-term care insurance . [7]

According to Borchert, there is a transfer exploitation of families that must be remedied and replaced by equal treatment in the tax system. Borchert argues for the deduction of child support from the assessment base in social insurance , the repayment of the indirect tax burden on child support through a form of child benefit, and consideration of children in income tax at average costs instead of the subsistence level. [8th]

Borchert has advised several parties - the SPD, the Greens, CDU, CSU, FDP and Die Linke - politically at both federal and state level. [6] It was on 22 November 2010 before the Bundestag Committee on Labor and Social Affairs in the 41st meeting, among others, in the public hearing on a bill of the CDU / CSU and FDP for the determination of control requirements (so-called " Hartz 4 laws “) Heard as an expert. [9] In March 2013, Borchert, together with the German Family Association of Baden-Württemberg and the German Family Association, organized a conference on the topic of fair contributions for families in statutory long-term care, pension and health insurance. [10] [11][12]

Jürgen Borchert is also committed to the Familien e. V. founded a family network ; a family-political, cross-party and cross-denominational interest group that campaigns against childcare outside the family and the financial disadvantage of parents compared to childless people. [13] Borchert is a member of the German Family Association (DFV) and the Attac Scientific Advisory Board . [14]


In May 2011 Borchert received the Regine Hildebrandt Prize for Solidarity. [15] In May 2014, he received the Silver Medal of Merit of the German Family Association .


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