Jürgen Borchert (publicist) - Jürgen Borchert (Publizist)

Jürgen Borchert (born May 25, 1941 in Perleberg ; † March 1, 2000 in Schwerin ) was a German writer , publicist and photographer .


Borchert attended school in Perleberg and completed an apprenticeship there as a photographer. He then started studying librarianship in Leipzig and was director of the Perleberg district library. In 1979 he became head of the cabinet for Mecklenburg literary traditions at the General Scientific Library in Schwerin . But as early as 1980 he was working as a freelance writer and, under the influence of his friend Heinz Knobloch, developed into a brilliant columnist. At the end of the GDR , Borchert was one of the best-known and most widely read authors on topics of Mecklenburg history and culture. After sustained sharp attacks against him because of connections to the MfS Borchert committed suicide in 2000.

The reasons included "life problems on the authors' free market", said the Schwerin local press, which saw Borchert's last years of life overshadowing "financial worries". [1] And "he made the way into the free market economy as an author who had to earn money in order to have the bare essentials for himself and his family, the longer the harder", can be read elsewhere. [2]

Jürgen Borchert worked in the GDR since 1979 under the code name "Uwe Lüders" as an unofficial employee of the Ministry for State Security . [3]



Regional studies

Borchert has published around 30 books and more than 300 essays, often with columnar texts, mostly on the subject of Mecklenburg cultural history and biographies of famous Mecklenburg residents.

  • My Mecklenburg Zettelkasten , 1985 (2nd edition: 1989)
  • The other part of the card box , 1988
  • Something else from the slip box , 1991
  • New Mecklenburg card box , 2000
  • Walks in Schwerin , 2000
  • What I know about Wismar. Notes and Pictures , 2000
  • Walks on Rügen , 1999


  • Reuter in Eisenach , Roman, Hinstorff Verlag Rostock 1982
  • My aunt's papers , Halle 1984. As an e-book: Edition digital, Godern 2012, ISBN 978-3-86394-692-0
  • Vadder is cooking. Or how to devastate a kitchen. Schwerin 1994, ISBN 3-910150-23-3
  • Life in Concrete. Everyday stories . Rostock 2001, ISBN 978-3-356-00887-6


Borchert's estate is kept in the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania State Library; among other things the correspondence between Borchert and Heinz Knobloch from 1971. The correspondence with Hans-Joachim Griephan is in the Fritz Reuter literature archive .


  • Klaus Behling : "" ... finished with the Stasi club "." In: Klaus Behling, Suddenly and unexpectedly ... Suicide after Wende and Unity , 2015, pp. 110–115. ISBN 978-3-95841-004-6 .


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