Jürgen Fritzsche - Jürgen Fritzsche

Jürgen Fritzsche (* 1967 in Frankfurt am Main ) is a German karateka (6th Dan ) and the author of several sports science books.


In 1986 Jürgen Fritzsche began studying biology at the University of Frankfurt am Main . At the same time, he trained karate with national coach Efthimios Karamitsos and Risto Kiiskilä . In 2006 he received his PhD in biology and has since published several scientific articles in the field of martial arts.

1990-1998 Fritzsche was a member of the national team in the field of Kata (karate) and during this time competed regularly, including several successful European and World Championships for Germany.

Jürgen Fritzsche is a licensed A-trainer of the DOSB and from 2009 to 2018 he was the federal teaching officer of the German Karate Association (DKV) and its scientific coordinator, as well as the athletic trainer of the DKV national team. In addition, he trains violence protection trainers. [1]

In 2020 he became Technical Director (Directeur Technique National) of the Section Karate des Luxemburger Dachverbandes FLAM (Fédération Luxembourgeoise des Arts Martiaux). [1]

Achievements and Awards

  • 1990 2nd place in the ESKA Cup of the European Karate Association
  • 1991 1. Platz WSKA- Cup Calgary / Canada
  • 1991 3rd place at the European Championships in Hanover
  • 1992 1st place German championships
  • 1992 5th place World Championships Granada / Spain
  • 1993 4th place at the European Championships in Prague / Czech Republic
  • 1993 1st place WSKA-Cup Saarbrücken
  • 1993 2. Platz Finish Open
  • 1994 4th place at the European Championships in Birmingham / England
  • 1995 4th place at the European Championships Helsinki / Finland
  • 1995 1st place European Student Championship Nantes / France (Kata singles) 3rd place ( Kumite Team)
  • 1996 4th place at the European Championships in Paris / France
  • 1997 1st place Shotokan Cup
  • 1997 1. Platz WSKA Cup Kalifornien / USA


  • Jürgen Fritzsche: Speed ​​training for martial artists, 1st edition 2010, ISBN 978-3000296277
  • Jürgen Fritzsche: Coordination training for martial artists Part 1 + 2
  • Jürgen Fritzsche: Training for Experts, guidelines for trainer training in karate
  • Jürgen Fritzsche, Christoph Raschka: Manager boxes, healthy martial arts training in practice ISBN 978-3-662-56051-8
  • Rudi Heimann, Jürgen Fritzsche: Violence prevention in education, schools and associations ISBN 978-3-658-27101-5


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