Jürgen Goldschmidt - Jürgen Goldschmidt

Jürgen Goldschmidt (born June 21, 1961 in Forst (Lausitz) ) is a German politician ( FDP ) and was mayor of the city of Forst from 2007 to 2015 .

Goldschmidt studied civil engineering from 1983 to 1986 at the Technical University of Dresden and at the Cottbus University of Civil Engineering and graduated with a degree in engineering . Goldschmidt has now become a scientific assistant at the chair for road construction in Cottbus.

Since 1990 he has been technical assistant in the town of Forst (Lausitz). In addition, he had been the city's first alderman since 1994. As such, he acted as incumbent mayor after the mayor Gerhard Reinfeld ( CDU ) was voted out of office in October 2006 . In the election now taking place, Goldschmidt stood as a joint candidate for the CDU and FDP. [1] On 18 February 2007, Goldschmidt sat in a runoff against the candidate of the Left Party by and was elected as the new mayor of forestry. [2] [three] At the mayoral election in 2015 renounced Goldschmidt health reasons on another candidacy. [4]

In 2009 he received his doctorate in engineering from the Technical University of Berlin with the dissertation " Management of urban redevelopment taking into account the framework conditions under urban development law " . At the end of July 2011 the VroniPlag Wiki published a critical examination of the dissertation. According to the documentation, more than 140 pages, more than 30% of the pages of the work, are plagiarized . [5] Shortly thereafter, the university announced that the President of the TU Berlin, Jörg Steinbach , had asked the dean of the faculty concerned to examine the case.[6] On January 14, 2013 Steinbach decided not to withdraw the doctorate. The doctoral committee came to the conclusion that “the scientific quality of the dissertation cannot be questioned”. Only “deficiencies in the citation” were found. According to a requirement, the dissertation should be submitted "within a certain period [...] unchanged, but with the correct citation". The period is six months. [7]

Jürgen Goldschmidt did not meet the conditions set by the university, so that as a consequence, his doctorate should have been withdrawn. On May 7, 2015, Jürgen Goldschmidt returned his doctoral degree including his certificate to the TU Berlin. [8th]

Goldschmidt's older brother Hartmut Goldschmidt is an internist and senior doctor in charge in Heidelberg.


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