Jürgen Grimm (physicist) - Jürgen Grimm (Physiker)

Jürgen Michael Grimm (born November 13, 1954 in Berlin ) is a German physicist and professor for microsystems technology at the West Saxon University of Zwickau (WH Zwickau) [1]

Grimm grew up in Berlin-Neukölln . He studied physics at the Free University of Berlin , where in 1981 he received his diploma in 1987 on "characterization of molecular aggregates and dynamic processes in the chemical mixed crystal system Para-dichlorobenzene / para-dibromobenzene" [2] at Dietmar Stehlik doctorate . Until 1992 he was a senior employee at the Institute for Microstructure Technology IMT (now ISIT Fraunhofer Institute for Silicon Technology ) of the Fraunhofer Society in Berlin.

In 1993 Grimm became a professor for microsystems technology in the electrical engineering department of the WH Zwickau. [1] The main research areas there are infrared drying systems, photo-structurable and photosensitive polymers , including SU-8 cantilevers , pressure sensors and X-ray masks.

Grimm is a member of the scientific advisory board of the CiS Institute for Microsensors.

Participation in patents (selection)

  • Patent DE102007020247 : Device for measuring the contact pressure of a medical compression medium , in particular a compression stocking or bandage. Published on June 19, 2008 , inventors: Christian Rotsch, Heike Oschatz, Wolfgang Scheibner, Jürgen Grimm, Jens Saupe.
  • Patent DE4242632 : Device and method for duplicating X-ray masks. Published on May 5, 1994 , inventors: Jürgen Grimm, Jürgen Chlebek, Bernd Löchel, Klaus-Dieter Engler.
  • Patent DE3824478 : Method and device for determining the density of micropores in insulating layers on conductive or semi-conductive substrates. Published on January 18, 1990 , inventors: Jürgen Grimm, Bernd Löchel, Jürgen Chlebek, Hans-Ludwig Huber.

Publications (selection)

  • with J. Saupe, M. Schönfeld: Intelligent networked sensors for the detection of environmental conditions and movement sequences of the human musculoskeletal system on the basis of wired fieldbus systems . In: PLUS. Production of printed circuit boards and systems . tape 14 , No. 3, 2012, ISSN 1436-7505, S. 620–628.
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