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Jürgen Hamel (born June 6, 1951 in Stralsund ) is a German astronomy historian . His research areas are the history of astronomy in the Middle Ages and the early modern period, around 1800, the history of astrophysics, astronomy and cultural history, and the history of astronomical instruments . [1]

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After an apprenticeship as " chemistry laboratory assistant with high school diploma ", Jürgen Hamel studied philosophy, history and education at the University of Leipzig and then worked as a professor at the University of Rostock , where he received his doctorate in 1982 with a thesis on the early history of astrophysics.

From 1978 to 1991 Hamel worked at the Archenhold observatory as a student of Dieter B. Herrmann . In addition to his scientific work, he was committed to the popularization of astronomy, gave numerous lectures as part of the URANIA - Society for the Dissemination of Scientific Knowledge and was active in the editing of the magazine Astronomie und Raumfahrt published by the Kulturbund der DDR . Since 1990 Hamel has worked on the publication of the collected works of Nikolaus Kopernikus and Johannes Kepler . As part of a grant from the Gerda Henkel FoundationIn 1996 he edited "The first German translation of Nicolaus Copernicus' major astronomical work 1586". From 1998 to 2000 he worked at the Museum for Astronomy and the History of Technology in Kassel. For many years he gave lectures on the “History of Astronomy” and “Introduction to Astronomy” at the University of Landau .

On May 17, 2001, Hamel was elected a member of the Leibniz Society . [1] He is co-founder and co-editor of the Acta Historica Astronomiae series [2] , editor-in-chief of the magazine Astronomie + Raumfahrt im Lehr and, since 2019, the scientific yearbook for the history of Pomerania's Baltic Studies .

Hamel is married to the pediatrician Marita Künne and now lives near Barth ( Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania ). In more recent times he has also devoted himself to scientific topics relating to the cultural history of the North Western Pomerania and Stralsund region.

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  • Wolfgang R. Dick, Dietmar Fürst (Ed.): CVs and heavenly paths. Festschrift for Jürgen Hamel's 60th birthday. (= Acta Historica Astronomiae. Volume 52). Leipzig 2014, ISBN 978-3-944913-42-1 .


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