Jürgen Kirner - Jürgen Kirner

Jürgen Kirner (* 1960 in Hemau ) is a German television presenter, folk singer, actor, cabaret artist and author.


Kirner attended the Johann-Simon-May-Realschule in Riedenburg and then did an apprenticeship as a display designer, which he completed in 1977.

Then he gained his first stage experience, among others with the cabaret local ensemble Hemauer Rathaus-Gnauzn. [1]In 1986 he moved to Munich, where in 1988 he founded the “Brettlbühne” in the Wirtshaus zum Isartal. His enthusiasm for the song form of the couplet led to the founding of the Couplet-AG in 1993, one of the most successful music cabaret groups in southern Germany - awarded the Bavarian Cabaret Prize, Bavarian Dialect Prize and the Bavarian Poetentaler, which he co-founded with the composer Bernhard Gruber. With the Couplet-AG he not only succeeded in picking up the dead tradition of folk singers and helping the couplet's song form to achieve a renaissance, but also in successfully occupying this musical-cultural niche with absolute independence. So far, eleven CDs, three DVDs and a book have been released. In his texts and couplets, Jürgen Kirner illuminates the subversive interior of the Bavarian folk soul and accompanies the life of the political protagonists in a very unique way. In connection with constantly new, current ideas and texts, his couplets, scenes and texts form an ideal means of transport for biting satire and insidiousness - following on from the great tradition of the Munich folk singers. In addition to numerous, regular radio and television appearances, there are major tours and concerts every year. In 2010 he co-founded the fountain festival on the Viktualienmarkt in Munich, and since then has also filled the content there as organizational and artistic director. In 2011 he was appointed to the legendary association of Munich tower writers and has been a member of the presidium of the southern German literary association there since 2012. Since then also moderation of the festive awarding of the Bavarian Poet Thaler by the Munich tower writers. Kirner has been a fasting preacher at the Fürstenfelder Salvator since 2009.

In 2012 Jürgen Kirner also took over the chairmanship of the Munich suburban wedding in 1905 [2]and redesigned Bavaria's most famous artist ball. His broken glass district revue created for this and the overall staging of the event continues to this day. Since 2013 he has also been the author, presenter and host of the successful and popular BR show "BR Brettl-Spitzen" on Bavarian television. As an actor, Kirner was seen in supporting roles in the BR series "Dahoam is dahoam" and in Bogner's "Kaiser von Schexing" as a councilor. With the comedy / real satire “Baker needs a woman!” He wrote his first full-length theater piece for television in 2017 and also produced it at the same time. In 2018, the BR presented the piece with great success in a television premiere that received much attention from the media. In 2019 his second stage play for television followed: The political satire “The best for the best!

Since 2017 he has been the artistic and conceptual director of the new folk singer tent "Zur Schönheitskönigin" at the Oide Wiesn in Munich. He moderates the program in the tent every day at the Oktoberfest and also sings with the guests from the song book specially published for this purpose.



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