Jürgen Knorr (Manager) - Jürgen Knorr (Manager)

Jürgen Knorr (born October 23, 1932 in Berlin ) is a German engineer , former Siemens executive board member, management consultant and manager .


Jürgen Knorr studied electrical engineering at the Technical University of Berlin and then went to Siemens in 1957, where he initially worked as a development engineer. [1]

From 1984 to 1996 he was head of the semiconductor plant division in the components division. In 1987 he was also appointed to the central board and became chairman of the semiconductor division. Knorr represented Siemens in numerous national and international associations and committees. [2] He was succeeded in his function as head of the semiconductor plant division, from which Infineon emerged in 1999 , Ulrich Schumacher , whose sponsors also included Knorr. [3]

Knorr played a key role in the preparations for the spin-off of the semiconductor division into today's Infineon. [4] He favored Regensburg as the location for the group's semiconductor production. In 1996 he left the company.

Knorr has worked as a management consultant and manager in the IT and microelectronics industry since 1998 and has also remained closely associated with the European semiconductor industry as Chairman of the Policy Committee of the European Association of Manufacturers of Electronic Components (EECA). He was a founding board member at JESSI (Joint European Submicron Silicon Initiative) and MEDEA (Micro Electronics Development for European Applications), where he was president and board member from 1998 to 2001. [6] From March to October 2002 he was interim CEO of ESEC founded by Karl Nicklaus and partners, whose majority of capital and votes Nicklaus had sold in 2000 to Oerlikon-Bührle Holding. [7] [8]After sales in the company increased again during this period, Knorr returned to his position as Vice President of the ESEC Board of Directors , which he has held since 2000. [4] [9] Since 2005 he has been CEO at Dubai Silicon Oasis . [6]


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