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Jürgen Laarmann (2018)

Jürgen Laarmann (* 21st September 1967 [1] [2] ) is a well by his initials JL known German publicist and journalist . Laarmann was best known as the editor of Frontpage magazine , as a temporary partner and organizer of the Love Parade and Mayday, and as the founder of the catchphrase of the Raving Society .


From May 1989 Jürgen Laarmann published the magazine Frontpage together with Stefan Weil . The magazine was initially designed for the Technoclub series of events in the Dorian Gray airport disco in Frankfurt . In September 1989 Laarmann moved to Berlin and opened the Berlin Frontpage editorial office there. In 1990 he founded the record label Bash Records with DJ Tanith , which he operated until 1993. Laarmann became a partner in the Love Parade in 1991 and used the front page to promote the event nationally. In December 1991 he was one of the co-founders of Mayday, which was also published by the Frontpagewas co-designed and advertised. Frontpage developed into one of the most important trendy magazines for the field of electronic music , parties and techno lifestyle. Starting in 1994, Laarmann proclaimed what he called the Raving Society in the magazine as a model of society based on techno culture . From 1994 to 1997, Laarmann worked as a consultant for the cigarette manufacturer Reynolds Tobacco , which sponsored the Frontpage , the Love Parade and Mayday, and the event calendar Silverpages for Laarmann's publisher Technomediapublished. After Frontpage was sold free of charge in record and scene stores right from the start, the magazine went to the kiosk in 1996. At the beginning of 1997 Reynolds Tobacco withdrew as a sponsor, Technomedia Verlag went bankrupt and Frontpage stopped publication with issue 4/97. Laarmann sold his stakes in Mayday and Love Parade in 1997 and has since positioned himself as a critic of the event. [3]

As a freelance author, Laarmann wrote for various magazines and appeared as a columnist Berlin Mitte Boy from 1999 . His column appeared in the Berliner Stadtmagazin (030) from 1999–2013 . When Dr. In the middle , Laarmann wrote a column on Spiegel Online at times . [4] He writes regularly for the Berlin tip . [5] [6] [7]

In 2000 Laarmann wrote the party anthem Berlin Mitte Boy and founded the Berlin Mitte Boys , among others together with DJ Clé and Mike Vamp ( Märtini Brös ), who published a cover version of the title New York City Boy by the Pet Shop Boys and in the same year as Mitte Parade organized a parade through Berlin-Mitte. In addition, Laarmann's play Canossa Club [8] [9] [10] was premiered in 2000 at the Kassel State Theater as part of the "Rave.Ecstasy.Pop!"

In 2007, Laarmann compiled the Too Hot Compilation , [11] in which he released fusions of German hip hop with electro beats (with Deichkind , KIZ, among others ). There the first release of The Toten Crackhuren in the trunk was published, which Laarmann had discovered.

In 2008 he appeared in the documentary We Call It Techno! on, in 2012 he played himself in the movie Fraktus . [12] Before and after the Love Parade 2010 , he interviewed his companions WestBam . [13] Also in Peter Scholl's documentary Loveparade - When Love Learned to Dance, he was seen in 2019 as a contemporary witness.

Since August 2018, Laarmann has published the podcast series 1000 Tage Techno [14] (available on Spotify, among others ) with guests such as Dr. Motte , Hardy Hard , Dieter Meier and Mark Reeder . After the first three episodes, Airen judged in Die Weltabout the podcast: “This one promises (...) a really exciting examination of the origins of German techno culture. In just one hour broadcasts, Laarmann speaks to all kinds of activists from the early techno scene. So far, nobody has done it as extensive and systematic as the project is designed. It becomes especially interesting when the explosive arrangement of the conversation partner brings old controversies to light. ” [15] The podcast is distributed by Zebralution .

On November 14, 2018, Laarmann started an English-language podcast series with Techno 1000 . The first conversation partner was Jean-Michel Jarre . [16]

1000 days of techno [17]
episode theme Guests VÖ-Date
Intro 1000 Tage Techno Podcast Trailer 20th July 2018
1 Love parades today, yesterday, tomorrow! Dr. Motte (Love Parade), Jens Schwan and Martin Hüttmann ( Train of Love ) 10. August 2018
2 From the after hour to the Bitcoin Million and eternal youth Hardy Hard aka Hardsequencer 10. August 2018
3 Mark Reeder - The British Ambassador
About MFS , Paul van Dyk , Brexit and more
Mark Reeder 24. August 2018
4 Inga Humpe - The Technopop Madonna
About great freedom, wild times, fresh women and much more.
Inga Humpe 7. September 2018
5 Anja Schneider - The Rooftop Rebel
Grooves on the radio and around the world
Anja Schneider 21. September 2018
6 Ellen Allien & Tanith - Club the Rest
The bitch queen and the lord of nasty tones
Ellen Allien, Tanith 5th October 2018
7 DJ Clé und Eva Be – Techno-Traumpaar
Love You Too
DJ Clé, Eva Be 19th October 2018
Special End of the Red Bull Festival 2. November 2018
8 Aka Aka - Abracadabra
Once burlesque now damn blue!
AKA AKA 9. November 2018
9 Andhim – Super-House
New Boys in Town
Andhim 23. November 2018
10 Alfred Heinrichs – Sup Dub Top
Melodic Techno Master
Alfred Heinrichs 7th December 2018
Special Dieter Meier - Yello


Dieter Meier December 21, 2018


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