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Jürgen Leinemann (born May 10, 1937 in Celle ; † November 9, 2013 in Berlin ) was a German journalist, political correspondent and book author.


Leinemann grew up in Burgdorf (Lower Saxony), attended grammar school Lehrte [1] and then studied history , German and philosophy in Marburg and Göttingen . He began his journalistic career as a trainee and editor at dpa , for which he was in Berlin , Hamburg and Washington . From 1971 he worked for the magazine Der Spiegel ; [2] He was a reporter and office manager in Washington andBonn , moved to Berlin in 1990 after the fall of the Berlin Wall and headed the German Politics department there until 2001. He had been a member of the PEN Center Germany since 1997 . Since 2002 he has been a Spiegel author in the Berlin office.


In the seventies he had to fight against alcohol problems and depressive moods as a result of rivalry and pressure to succeed; In 1974 he suffered “a physical and mental breakdown; Therapy in a psychosomatic clinic brought the turning point. A turning point that Leinemann himself described as the beginning of a new life ”. [3]

Leinemann has published numerous articles and a number of books in which he mainly deals with German politics, but also with football. He was known for his portraits of politicians. [4] [5] His book Höhenrausch deals with the loss of reality of politicians and journalists. Together with Michael Wech , he delivered the film portrait “ Gerhard Schröder - Chancellor Years” for ARD , which was broadcast to accompany the former chancellor's book.

Shortly after retiring, Leinemann contracted a tumor of the base of the tongue in spring 2007. [6] He died at the age of 76 on November 9, 2013 in Berlin. [7] His grave is in the Grunewald cemetery .

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  • 1999: On the brink - original sounds at the turn of 1989/90 (moderation: Monika Künzel, Rainer Burchardt; studio guests: Alexander Osang , Jürgen Leinemann)


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