Jürgen Neumann - Jürgen Neumann

Jürgen Neumann (born December 6, 1941 in Kaiserslautern , † December 25, 2002 in McKinney , Texas ) was a German football player who won the championship with 1. FC Kaiserslautern in the Oberliga Südwest in the 1962/63 season.


Clubs, 1951 to 1973

1. FC Kaiserslautern, 1951 to 1966

Around 1959/60, Jürgen Neumann, who came from their own youth department, was taken over into the Lauterer league team. At the side of the world champions from 1954, Horst Eckel and Werner Liebrich , he immediately belonged to the Betzenbergelf core formation. On the starting day, on August 16, 1959, the young player, who was not yet 18 years old, was on coach Richard Schneider's team , who played an away game at Eintracht Bad Kreuznachthe round opened. Neumann played 27 games with four goals in his first season in the Oberliga Südwest and 1. FCK finished fifth. In the next two rounds, Kaiserslautern placed 4th in the southwest and the defender, stopper and Neumann, who was increasingly used as an outside runner, kept his playing times from the debut year. In 1961 he was also successful in the games for the DFB Cup and came with his team until the final on September 13, 1961 in Gelsenkirchen against Werder Bremen . The final was lost with 0-2 goals. In the championship round 1962/63 Jürgen Neumann was missing only in one league game and controlled 12 hits to win the title of the Palatinate with six points ahead of the pursuersBorussia Neunkirchen , FK Pirmasens and Wormatia Worms . In the final round, the fixed size in the Lauterer midfield played all six games against Hertha BSC , 1. FC Nürnberg and 1. FC Köln , but also had to suffer from the sporting inferiority in the clear 2: 8 and 1: 5 defeats against 1. Experience FC Köln and 1. FC Nürnberg. Overall, Jürgen Neumann played 108 games with 22 goals for 1. FC Kaiserslautern in the Oberliga Südwest from 1959 to 1963.

In the premier year of the Bundesliga 1963/64, the left wing runner was an indispensable top performer for the Betzenbergelf with 29 appearances and six goals. He was also on the first day of the new league on August 24, 1963 in the 1-1 draw at Eintracht Frankfurt in the Kaiserslautern formation and scored the 1-0 lead of the guests with a converted penalty in the 38th minute of the game. In the three rounds up to 1966 1. FC Kaiserslautern fought permanently to stay in the league. When the newly promoted FC Bayern Munich won with a 2-1 victory in Kaiserslautern on April 23, 1966 , Jürgen Neumann was sent off in the 38th minute and played his last Bundesliga game for the Palatinate.

FC Zurich and Daring Club Brussels, 1966 to 1970

After the 1965/66 round he moved to Switzerland to FC Zurich and was able to celebrate successes against FC Barcelona , Nottingham Forest and Sporting Lisbon in the 1967/68 round in the European trade fair cup together with goalkeeper Karl Grob and midfielder Jakob Kuhn and only got divorced in the quarterfinals against FC Dundee . This round of eleven from Letzigrund was crowned by winning the Swiss championship . After two years in Switzerland, two rounds at the Daring Club in Brussels followed.

Arminia Bielefeld, 1970 to 1973

The promoted to the Bundesliga in the 1970/71 round, Arminia Bielefeld , signed Jürgen Neumann on the recommendation of coach Egon Piechaczek . At the start of the round on August 15, 1970, he formed the Bielefeld midfield together with Ulrich Braun and Horst Stockhausen in the 3-0 defeat at Borussia Dortmund. As a result of irreparable signs of wear and tear, the ex-Lauterer could no longer appear on the field for Arminia after this game day to keep the league. As a “money mail carrier”, however, he played an inglorious role in the Bundesliga scandal for Bielefeld in this round .

Selection games, 1961 to 1964

The young talent of 1. FC Kaiserslautern, Jürgen Neumann, who has just been transferred from the youth to the league team, was joined by DFB coach Georg Gawliczek in September 1959 for the amateurs' national soccer team for the two German-German qualifying matches for the Olympic qualification nominated against the GDR. In the second leg on September 23 in Düsseldorf, the DFB-Elf won 2-1 goals, Neumann was used as an outside runner. On March 15, 1961, the 19-year-old Jürgen Neumann was appointed to the German U23 national junior team for the first time during a game in London against England. Together with Werner Olk from Bayern Munich, he trained in front of goalkeeper Günter Bernardvon Schweinfurt 05 the defenders. The English won the game clearly with 4-1 goals. Two months later, the second game in the youth team against Belgium followed. National coach Sepp Herberger conducted a test match between two DFB national teams on March 21, 1962 in Saarbrücken. He offered the Lauterer in the A-Elf in front of 40,000 spectators on the side of Karl-Heinz Schnellinger as a right defender. On November 27, 1963, he was also in the renewed 4-1 defeat in Liverpool against England again with the game. The German runner series played with Neumann, Peter Kaack and Werner Lungwitz. Neumann received his last appointment to a DFB team on March 4, 1964 in Aachen at the junior international match against Turkey.


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