Jürgen Oesterhelt - Jürgen Oesterhelt

Jürgen Oesterhelt (born August 19, 1935 in Munich ) is a former German diplomat .


Jürgen Oesterhelt studied law at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich . In 1958 he passed his first state law examination. In 1959 he was promoted to Dr. iur. PhD . After his second state examination in 1962, he completed a master's degree (Master of Comparative Law) at Columbia University New York . In 1963 he worked as a lawyer for the US law firm Sullivan & Cromwell in their Paris office. In 1964 he joined the Foreign Service in Bonn. After working at the German embassy in Moscow (1964–1965), in the Foreign Office in Bonn (1966), in the observer mission to the United Nations in New York (1967–1971), in the embassies in Sofia (1971–1974) and - after a further three years in Bonn - in Athens (1977–1980) he worked in the German Foreign Ministry from 1980 to 1992 as head of the international law department, as head of political subdivision 21 and from 1986 as international law advisor and head of the legal department.

Oesterhelt was the German ambassador to Turkey (1992–1995), the United Kingdom (1995–1997) and the Holy See (1997–2000).

He has been married to Katharina Oesterhelt, b. Galeiski and has two children.



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Individual evidence

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