Jürgen Roland’s St. Pauli-Report - Jürgen Roland’s St. Pauli-Report

Original title Jürgen Roland’s St. Pauli-Report
Jürgen Rolands St Pauli-Report Logo 001.svg
Country of production Germany
original language Deutsch
Publishing year 1971
Long 86 minutes
Age rating FSK 18
Director Jürgen Roland
script Werner Jörg Lüddecke
production Rapid-Film ( Wolf C. Hartwig ),
Studio Hamburg
music Siegfried Franz
Camera Wolfgang Treu
cut Herbert Taschner

Jürgen Roland's St. Pauli Report is a German erotic film from 1971 that was directed by Jürgen Roland . The film belongs to the genre of the report films (subgenre of the sexploitation film ), but is considered one of the better films in this genre, since the erotic is only marginally discussed. The film was produced by Rapid-Film in Munich, whose owner Wolf C. Hartwig was specializing in the production of report films at the time.


In several episodes, Jürgen Roland, who also provides commentary on the scenes shown and conducts interviews himself, describes the (mostly criminal) everyday life in Hamburg-St. Pauli . For example, a police murder, a robbery, fights, prostitution and a prison breakout are shown. "Reality is much worse", Jürgen Roland is said to have said about this film.


"Conclusion: Above all a party for Hamburg nostalgics" (Cinema.de)

“The attempt by crime film director Jürgen Roland to draw a portrait of everyday life in Hamburg's St. Pauli entertainment district. Despite all efforts to be realistic, the episodic documentary game, in which Roland himself appears as an interviewer and moderator, remains very subjective ”. (Film service)