Jordan (banda) - Jordan (banda)

General data
Origin Buenos Aires
Argentina's flag Argentina
Artistic information
Genders) Post-Hardcore
Punk Rock
Rock Alternativo
Period of activity 2003 - present
Label (s) Speed Power Emotion
Pinhead rec

Jordan is a punk rock / post-hardcore band from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Formed around 2003, and with three record products. In general, his music has many variations, it is quite difficult to distinguish which particular musical genre it belongs to, due to its particular style, in which fast melodies, although well polished and cared for, predominate, with powerful and emotionally charged voices. In his first albums the lyrics usually refer to love or sentimental disappointments, and the pain suffered before that experience, on the other hand, the lyrics of the last album, rather refers to an awareness of global problems such as wars, corruption, excessive power, individualism, and care for the environment.

Original formation 2003

  • Patricio Otero - Voice
  • Sergio Nuñez - Guitar
  • Cristian Santoro - Guitar and backing vocals
  • Sergio Leccese - Bass and backing vocals
  • Yago Gonzalez - Drums



The band was formed in October 2003 with Patricio Otero (voice), Sergio Nuñez (guitar), Julian Galfon (Guitar) Cristian Santoro (guitar and backing vocals), Yago González (drums) and Sergio Leccese (bass and backing vocals).

Musical style

The band sounds powerful and with many climates at once, going back and forth from aggressiveness to harmonious melodies. Clearly the band is open to various styles, trying to always live, maintaining the good sound and the shows with a lot of energy. His beginnings had a marked inclination towards melodic punk Hardcore, with small indie, emo and post-hardcore hints, to later find his own way to achieve a style as personal as original within the local scene. For this reason it is difficult to label Jordan within a particular style.


Jordan has 3 studio-recorded discs to his credit. Looking for the weather , Pure perception and Talking to the universe . During its career the band shared shows with other groups of great appeal and trajectory, such as Attaque 77 , Las Pastillas del Abuelo , Carajo , Shaila , Kapanga , Catupecu Machu , Bulldog , Los Natas and El otro yo among others, and He also had the possibility of adding international shows, together with Underoath , Story of the year, and The Rasmus , supporting the latter band, at the legendary Luna Park Stadium in Buenos Aires .

In 2004 Jordan gave his first Live Show at the Pueyrredón Hall in Palermo , and without having any recorded material, the band was invited to play as Shaila's support , at the emblematic Cemento nightclub , known as the temple of rock in the 80s and 90s in Buenos Aires .

During 2005 and after releasing their first studio album, called Busca el clima , by the independent label SPE Discos , the band had the chance to cross the trans-Andean border visiting three towns in Chile . Santiago , Viña del Mar , and La Serena , on a tour with the melodic Hardcore band Shaila .

In 2007 Jordan released his second studio album La pura perception , under the same independent label, which already included several bands of the style. With this new album the band had the possibility to play on a large number of dates and with many bands from the local under scene. In addition to participating as guests in two great international recitals, with bands such as Story of the year and Underoath .

In 2008, after offering several shows in pubs, discos and halls throughout the country, Jordan took part in festivals and shows in large venues such as El Teatro de Colegiales y de Flores and his outstanding presence as opening act for the band The Rasmus , at Luna park stadium . But his first great recital as a main band is given at the Local Niceto Club , for 700 people. With the presence of Abril Sosa , former Catupecu Machu and Cuentos borgeanos and Pablo Coniglio de Shaila as guests in two songs. This show marked a before and after for the band's career.

In August 2009, Jordan celebrated his 100 live shows, in the Petecos de Lomas de Zamora room, before a large crowd, and then left for the provinces of Córdoba and Rosario , in the middle of a tour of several locations in those cities, along with Attaque 77 , Todos tus muertos , Carajo and Shaila , forming part of the stellar bands of the convener Resistance Tour . On the return of this tour, his first two albums Looking for the Climate were reissued, due to being sold out, by SPE Discos and La Pura Percepción, by the Pinhead Records label, this last reissued album has as extra content, the band's first official video clip, of the song Otra disilusión , which in December of that same year, began to rotate through the music channels MTV , CM , MuchMusic and I want TV . In December 2009 Jordan said goodbye to the year, again at Niceto Club . In this show three new songs were played for the first time that would belong to his next material. The show was attended by guest artists such as Hernan Tery Langer from Carajo and Juan Kokollo from Gazpacho , among others. The scenography was in charge ofFunction Forms .

The band began 2010 with performances on large stages, such as the Auditorio Sur de Temperley, the Malvinas Argentinas Micro-stadium , El Teatro de Colegiales, and at the Parque Roca stadium , together with Attaque 77 and Carajo , before more than 5,000 people. In April this year, Jordan entered the study MCP of Martín Carrizo , recording batteries what would be his next album, and continued the process of recording in the studio El Altillo , from the hand of Javier Suarez (Ex Sudarshana , New ethics), Producer and sound technician, who would once again be in charge of recording and producing the band's material as on the album La Pura Percepción . The mastering was in charge of Jason Livermore and Bill Stevenson, from Blasting Room Studios (USA). In April 2011, the disc Speaking with the universe , again released by the Pinhead Records label, finally came to light . Parallel to the release of the new album, the video clip of the cut Sinfonía de la mediocridad , made by director Pablo Tanno, was also released. The broadcast cut also rotated on Rock & Pop radio , after being a finalist in the Demo Bombardment contest, from the same radio station. The album was released to the public at the Auditorio Sur in Temperley, in April, and presented in May, at Niceto Club . In the middle of this same year, Jordan participated in the 4th edition of the Emerging City Festival held at the Recoleta Cultural Center , playing on the main stage of the event, before more than 2,500 people. Later he continued presenting the new material throughout the Buenos Aires suburbs and provinces throughout Argentina, passing through the towns of Quilmes, Avellaneda, Ramos Mejia, Martínez, La Plata, San Miguel, Temperley, Rosario, Santa Fé, Mar del Plata, with an outstanding passage through the Tecnópolis stage withEl Otro Yo and closing a great year at La Trastienda in Capital Federal . In parallel to the shows, Jordan filmed a rehearsal session on DVD with songs from his latest album, to later be distributed digitally and free of charge on the Internet, unfortunately this material never saw the light due to an internal problem of the band, which would lead to a change within the same formation. During 2012, after playing at the well-known and convening festival NoSoyRock on the Groove album in Buenos Aires and with more than a dozen bands from the local under scene, Jordanundergoes a change in training. Through a notice on its official social networks, the band announces a break in all its scheduled shows for the rest of the year and gives the news of the departure of the project, the original bassist, alleging personal reasons and musical differences. In September of this year, Jordan returned to step on the stages of Argentina with the incorporation of the new Cordovan member , Gonzalo Bissón, now in charge of the band's bass, and within the framework of a sold-out show at The Roxy live in Federal Capital. Embarking in this way, on a new tour to present the brand new line-up of the band and their new songs, which little by little are adding to their already classic repertoire.

Great growth

Jordan has managed to advance a lot within the Under scene in Buenos Aires. At the beginning, with the release of their first Ep Looking for the Clima , the group began to become known by word of mouth, among people from the environment, and as a support band for other more important groups. But it was not until the release of Pure Perception that Jordan really took a big leap, reaching more audiences and growing in popularity. Nowadays, it usually stars in the dates of the Under Movement, and it has a very good call. With the release of his latest album "Speaking with the universe", Jordan managed to position himself within the most important bands of national hardcore punk and opened his first steps within the big scene of theNational rock .

Surprise separation

At the beginning of 2013, after a time without having news about the band, Sergio Nuñez (Guitarist) announced in a social network of a group of fans of the band, the definitive separation from Jordan . According to the guitarist, the band separated after completing a cycle together, due to the estrangement of the other guitarist, and because of the interest of the members in their new musical projects.

A unique show

At the end of 2013, the band informs, through its social networks, that it will give a recital in March 2014, presenting a new line-up. Pato (voice), Ser (Guitar) and Cristian (Guitar and backing vocals), are joined by Pablo Coniglio (Shaila, Los Olestar, on bass) and Jorge Diez (Ecos, on drums). The Show takes place on the Groove disco in Palermo before 1000 people and will surely remain in the memory of all the band's followers. Patricio (Voice) says goodbye with a significant "See you soon."


Studio albums

Year Title Record label
2005 Looking for the weather SPE Discos
2007 Pure Perception SPE Discos
2011 Talking to the Universe Pinhead Records
  • Looking For The Weather EP ( 2005 )
  1. Looking for the weather
  2. Living Different
  3. Routines
  4. Warm Reasons
  5. You're not anymore

  • Pure Perception ( 2007 )
  1. Kundalini (Intro)
  2. Another Disappointment
  3. For You
  4. Alas
  5. I can see it
  6. Angela
  7. Ambition
  8. Today, tomorrow and always
  9. Summer
  10. Confused looks
  11. Is not easy
  12. How to Tear You (From the Deep)

  • Talking to the Universe ( 2011 )
  1. The Dear Hunter
  2. Symphony of mediocrity
  3. The seed of fear
  4. I feel your steps
  5. Man and the cause
  6. Do not disarm
  7. Talking to the universe
  8. The demon
  9. Too much time
  10. In dreams
  11. Near the end
  12. Shadow artists

Other record holdings and reissues

  • Compiled From Hand to Hand 2 2004 Patea Records.
  • Compiled The conspiracy of the Andes . 2005
  • Compiled What we sounded 2005 What we sounded distro.
  • Reissue Looking for the weather 2008 SPEDiscos.
  • Reissue Pure Perception 2009 Pinhead Records.
  • Reissue Looking for the weather 2011 SPEDiscos.
  • Compilado Enlighted 2012 Enlighted Clothing.

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