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Julius miranda
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Shield of the Province of Tucumán.svg
Governor of the province of Tucumán
October 29, 1999 - October 29, 2003
Lieutenant governor Sisto Terán Nougués
Predecessor Antonio Domingo Bussi
Successor Jose Alperovich

Coat of arms of Argentina.svg
Senator of the Argentine Nation
for Tucumán
December 10, 2003 - December 10, 2009
Predecessor Jose Alperovich
Successor Jose Manuel Cano

December 10, 1992 - October 27, 1999
Predecessor Arturo Jimenez Montilla
Successor Jose Fernando Carbonell

Coat of arms of Argentina.svg
Constituent Convention of Argentina
for Tucumán
May 30-August 22, 1994

Coat of arms of Argentina.svg
Deputy of the Argentine Nation
for Tucumán
December 10, 1983 - December 10, 1989

Personal information
Birth October 17, 1946
Manuel García Fernández , Tucumán , Argentina
Death June 6, 2021 (age 74)
Tucumán , Argentina
Nationality Argentina
Mother tongue Español View and modify data on Wikidata
Political party Justicialist Party
Educated in New World School of the Arts View and modify data on Wikidata
Professional information
Occupation Political View and modify data on Wikidata

Julio Antonio Miranda (n. Manuel García Fernández , 17 of October of 1946 - Tucumán , 6 of June of 2021 ) [ 1 ] was a politician and trade unionist Argentine who served as president of the Club Atletico Tucuman , and as governor of the province of Tucumán between 1999 and 2003. Before and after his government mandate, he also served as Senator of the Argentine Nation , representing the same province. He was a deputy between 1983 and 1989, and a conventional constituentin 1994. [ 2 ]

Governor of Tucumán

Julio Miranda's public career began as a union leader of the Petroleum Industry Union (a group with a small number of adherents in Tucumán), a position from which he acquired a presence in the Tucumán Justicialista Party that allowed him to establish solid ties with grassroots leaders and other leaders.

Given the wear and tear of the government of Antonio Domingo Bussi (1995-1999), his candidacy became the alternative option to the Republican Force formula headed by Ricardo Bussi , son of the general prosecuted later accused of crimes of embezzlement, smuggling and state terrorism. . Bussi Jr. ran as a candidate for governor of Tucumán despite being born in the United States, losing the governorship to the Justicialist Julio Miranda. [ 3 ] [ 4 ]

The electoral victory of Julio Miranda took the bussismo by surprise, which considered the victory assured. However, Bussi and his party had underestimated the proliferation of justicialist electoral sub-slogans at the level of legislators and councilors, which drove the vote for the governor's formula. [ 5 ]

Julio Miranda ascended to the governorship under the national government of the Alliance , presided over by Fernando de la Rúa and granted the Ministry of Economy to the then radical legislator José Jorge Alperovich . During his tenure, the construction of the Hospital del Este began and the premises that were previously granted to him were returned to the Historical Archive of the Province. [ 6 ]

It launched the "For a clean and green Tucumán" program, which included the construction of a waste treatment plant in Pacará Pintado. [ 7 ]

In July 2003 elections were held when José Alperovich was elected as governor by the Justicialista Party . [ 8 ]


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1999 - 2003
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