La Sonora by Tommy Rey - La Sonora de Tommy Rey

La Sonora by Tommy Rey
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The band during a concert in 2018.
General data
Origin ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile
Artistic information
Genders) Chilean Cumbia
Period of activity 1982 -News
Label (s) JCM Label
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La Sonora de Tommy Rey , also known simply as Tommy Rey (after the alias of its vocalist, Patricio Zúñiga ), is a Chilean cumbia band born in 1982 . With songs like "That evil one", "Silly, poor silly", "Shake yourself and you will enjoy" and "Tite died" they have managed to establish themselves as one of the most recognized cumbia bands in their country.


Beginnings (1982-1985)

The project originated from the Sonora Palacios . In the 1980s , five of its members, Benito Villarroel (trumpet player), Miguel Castro (guitar), Patricio Cereceda (bass), Fernando Adám (pianist), led by their singer Patricio "Tommy Rey" Zúñiga , decided to seek new horizons musicals. Along the way, they are joined by Luis Lawn and Leonardo Núñez, trumpeters, and Leo Soto, percussionist. [ 1 ] These eight musicians founded the 9 of March of 1982 , La Sonora de Tommy Rey, thus beginning a long and successful career.

In '82 La Sonora de Tommy Rey was formed, which cost us, as I said, a lot, a lot, a lot. We couldn't go to TV, nobody knew us, they knew my voice, they identified me but they didn't have much confidence. The point is that in the end, when they took us to the Festival de la Una , at that time, by Enrique Maluenda and later to Sábados Gigantes , the orchestra began to become known.

That same year they recorded their first album from which the song "Daniela" emerges, reaching a gold record . In 1984 , the sonora moved to the small Star Sound label , a company for which they recorded four albums. Three years later they recorded their first work for CBS , of which the single "El Ritmo Olé" stands out. In addition, they also played classic songs from La Sonora Palacios such as "Los domingos", "Candombe para José" and " Un año más ". [ 1 ]

Internationalization and consecration (1986-2006)

La Sonora by Tommy Rey on the 2007 Telethon tour .

In the mid-1980s, Tommy Rey's La Sonora began to show his work internationally. They travel to Buenos Aires , appearing on Television Channel 9 and offering concerts for their compatriots. During the following three years they appear in the Carnivals of Mendoza , Argentina . In 1987 they traveled to Europe , visiting Sweden , Denmark , Belgium , Switzerland , Germany , France and Italy , a journey that they repeated the following year. In 1988 they traveled to Australia, and later they act in Brazil for Chilean residents in that country.

The 1990s marked the consecration of the sonora, standing out from the other cumbia bands in the country, for its collaborations with artists from other musical genres such as Los Tres , Joe Vasconcellos , Chancho en Piedra or La Floripondio . [ 2 ] Among his most outstanding albums of that decade were La parabólica (1990), from which the hit song of the same name is derived, and Para Muerte Bailando (1998), which includes the song "Tite died." [ 3 ]

In 2004 they performed for the first time at the Viña del Mar International Song Festival and carried the silver and gold torches and the precious silver seagull . In 2005 they traveled to Europe and made a cruise from Stockholm to Finland and performed performances for a month in Sweden and Norway . Tommy Rey also obtained the 2005 President of the Republic Music Award . The following year they returned to Quinta Vergara for the 2006 Viña del Mar Festival, but this time as "La Gran Sonora de Chile", together with Sonora Palacios . During 2006 they returned to the old continent, which has already become a regular practice in the artistic life of the band.

Celebration of 25 years and subsequent projects (2007-)

In 2007 they recorded a new album, entitled Los 25 de La Sonora , as a celebration of their 25 years of experience, under the JCM Record label . In November 2008 they released their first live album entitled Great Live Hits , which includes unpublished versions of songs such as "La agarradera", "La piragua" and "Quinceañera". In April 2009 they released Mi madre querida , an album that marks a radical turn in their discography, since it is made up of 12 boleros , of which 4 are essentially dedicated to mothers and the rest are classic hits from La Sonora. In 2010 they launchedLet's celebrate the Bicentennial with La Sonora by Tommy Rey , which achieved a gold record by selling more than 7000 copies.

The sonora's founding trumpeter, Benito Villarroel retired from the orchestra in 2016 after settling in the United States with his family. [ citation needed ] On May 24, 2020 Alejandro "Pocho" López, trumpeter of the band for two decades, died of COVID-19 . [ 4 ]


Patricio Zúñiga , vocalist , and Leo Soto, percussionist.

The current composition of La Sonora de Tommy Rey is:


Studio records

The sonora during a concert in Buenos Aires in 2014 .
  • La Sonora de Tommy Rey (Vol. I, 1982 )
  • La Sonora de Tommy Rey Vol. II ( 1983 )
  • La Sonora de Tommy Rey Vol. III ( 1984 )
  • For you ... the Sonora of Tommy Rey (Vol. IV, 1985 )
  • The Lord of Cumbia (Vol. V, 1987 )
  • El Chiquichá (Vol. VI, 1988 )
  • ... Where is the money? (Vol. VII, 1989 )
  • The parabolic (Vol. VIII, 1990 )
  • Let yourself be loved ( 1993 )
  • Party ( 1995 )
  • Love on Fire ( 1996 )
  • To Die Dancing ( 1998 )
  • Happiness ( 2003 )
  • My dear mother ( 2009 )
  • Christmas is here ( 2010 )
  • The Parents of Cumbia ( 2011 )
  • Tradition and Style ( 2013 )

Compilation discs

  • The Greatest Hits of Tommy Rey ( 1991 )
  • Dance Hits of All Time ( 1991 )
  • La Sonora de Tommy Rey, 30 years of success " ( 1992 )
  • Tropical Party, Big Hits ( 1996 )
  • La Sonora de Tommy Rey, the best ( 1996 )
  • My 30 Best Songs ( 2003 )
  • Premium Selection Volume 1 ( 2005 )
  • Premium Selection Volume 2 ( 2005 )
  • Premium Selection Volume 3 ( 2005 )
  • Los 25 de La Sonora ( 2007 )
  • Great classics of Chilean cumbia ( 2008 )
  • Let's Celebrate the Bicentennial ( 2010 )
  • Let's celebrate Christmas with La Sonora by Tommy Rey ( 2011 )
  • Let's celebrate the new year with La Sonora by Tommy Rey ( 2011 )


The sound company also participated in some chapters of the TV series Brujas on Channel 13 . He also performed the central theme of the Fortunato de Mega soap opera , "Gente buena" (original by Argentine Palito Ortega ).

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