Lancia D50 - Lancia D50

Lancia D50 / Ferrari D50
Retromobile 2011 - Lancia Ferrari Type D50 - 1955 - 002.jpg
Lancia D50 on display.
Category Formula 1
Constructor Lancia - Ferrari
Designer (s) Vittorio Jano
Technical specifications
• Cilindrada
• Config.
• Turbo/NA
Lancia DS50
2.4 l
V8 with 90 degree incline
1954: 260 HP
1955-56: 286 HP
• Gears

5 speeds
Combustible Shell
Tires E Englebert
P Pirelli
Equipment) Lancia
Debut 1954 Spanish Grand Prix

The Ferrari D50 , also called Ferrari-Lancia D50 is a Formula 1 car. It was designed by the Italian engineer Vittorio Jano between 1953-1954 for Scuderia Lancia who participated in the Formula 1 World Championship in 1954 and 1955 .

At the end of the 1955 season, Italcementi acquired the bankrupt Lancia company , closed its shop and offered Scuderia Ferrari the remains of the Lancia D50. Ferrari used the chassis of the Lancia and made some modifications to it to finally enter it in the 1956 championship under the name Ferrari D50 and then in 1957 under the name Ferrari 801 .

The different versions of the D50 took part in the start of 18 grading Grand Prix for the World Championship, 4 like the Lancia in the 1954 and 1955 championships and 14 in 1956-1957, like the Ferrari. These vehicles allowed the drivers to win 5 victories, 19 podiums, one of them as the Lancia, eight pole positions, of which 2 went to Lancia, and six fastest laps, one under the Lancia name. Juan Manuel Fangio won the 1956 world title at the wheel of the Ferrari.


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