M17.3 - M17.3

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Main road / Main road M17-3 in BiH
Course of the M 17-3
Overall length: 40 km

Cantons (Canton / BH ) /
Region (Regionen / RS ):

Herzegovina-Neretva Canton

The M17.3 ( Croatian / Bosnian Magistralna cesta or Serbian Магистрални пут / Magistralni put ) is a main road in Bosnia and Herzegovina . It leads from Mostar via Stolac to Neum . [1] As the only direct road link, it has an important function in connecting the Neum Corridor - which is enclosed on three sides by Croatia - with the rest of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Due to the poor condition of the road on the section between Stolac and Neum, the road cannot be used for heavy traffic. An expansion has been under discussion since the 1980s, but has not yet been implemented.

Individual evidence

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