Mainz-Bretzenheim - Mainz-Bretzenheim

Bretzenheim coat of arms
Mainz coat of arms
district of Mainz
Location of Bretzenheim in Mainz
Coordinates ° 58 49 '50 " N , 8 ° 14' 30" O Koordinaten: 49 ° 58 '50 " N , 8 ° 14' 30" O
height 121 m ü. NHN
area 10,651 km²
Residents 19,933 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density 1871 inhabitants / km²
Proportion of foreigners 14.8% (31. Dec. 2019)
Incorporation 1. Jan. 1930
Post Code 55128
prefix 06131

Administration address
At the Wied 2
55128 Mainz
Head of town Claudia Siebner (CDU)
Allocation of seats (local advisory board)
4 1 3 4 1

4 4 3 1 1
Transport links
tram MVG lines 51, 52, 53, 59
Bus MVG lines 57, 70, 74, 71, 90, MVG / ORN joint line 75, ORN lines 650, 652
Entrance from Mainz-Bretzenheim on the K 1 coming from the west
Entrance to Mainz-Bretzenheim coming from the south

Bretzenheim is a district of the Rhineland-Palatinate state capital Mainz . Bretzenheim was incorporated into Mainz on January 1, 1930 by Karl Külb and is now with around 20,000 inhabitants after Neustadt (around 29,000), Gonsenheim (around 25,000) and Upper Town(around 22,000) the fourth largest district of Mainz. The district has different, individual residential areas. With the old town center, at least in Alt-Bretzenheim, a village character has been preserved. The area around the Südring, on the other hand, is characterized by a high proportion of foreigners and high-rise buildings. In the south-west, modern residential quarters with single and multi-family houses emerged. Bretzenheim is particularly popular as a place of residence for students, as it is directly adjacent to the university campus.

Neighboring districts

The following districts of Mainz border Bretzenheim in a clockwise direction:

in the north (to a small extent) Mainz-Hartenberg-Münchfeld , in the north-east Mainz-Oberstadt , in the south-east Mainz-Hechtsheim , in the south-west Mainz-Marienborn and Mainz-Lerchenberg , in the west Mainz-Drais and in the north-west Mainz-Gonsenheim .


Bretzenheim is one of the oldest places in the Mainz area. Finds from prehistoric, Roman and Franconian times prove that the area of ​​today's Mainz district around the sources and the upper reaches of the Zaybach was settled very early.

In 235 the Roman Emperor Severus Alexander was murdered by insurgent soldiers near Mogontiacum (Mainz), the capital of Upper Germany, where his headquarters were at that time. The historian Aurelius Victor names a vicus Britanniae as the place of death, which in research literature is often identified with Bretzenheim. If this assumption is correct, it is the oldest evidence from Bretzenheim; the name is then derived from the British who settled there. Some documents from the 8th and 9th centuries mention the name of the Franconian village: Brittinheim , Brizzenheimu. In the Middle Ages, Bretzenheim is first attested in a document from January 18, 752 as villa nominata Prittonorum .

The equation of the ancient vicus Britanniae with Bretzenheim is controversial in research. [1] The opponents of this hypothesis argue archaeologically; they deny the existence of an ancient settlement densification , which could be called vicus , in Bretzenheim. [2] According to your opinion, villa Prittonorum is a language game by a learned document writer and the place name is actually derived from the personal name Bretzo . According to this, a man named Bretzo played an important role in the early days of the Frankish settlement.

On January 7, 1266, Friedrich, the praeceptor of the Lazarus Order in Germany and Hertwig, the Komtur zu Megersheim (between Bauschheim and Königstädten , districts of the city of Rüsselsheim ) sold all of the order's possessions in and near Bretzenheim to the Dalheim monastery ( Dalen nunnery at Mainz ). [3]The Dalheim monastery thus became the largest landowner in town. From then on, the abbess in Bretzenheim could have the court speak, issue ordinances and collect taxes. The Bretzenheimers were serfs of the monastery and obliged to do labor. The rule of the monastery lasted several centuries and only ended in the course of the revolutionary wars against France . In 1797 Bretzenheim, along with the left bank of the Rhine, became French, after the defeat of Napoleon and the Congress of Vienna in 1815, it became Hessian .

In 1930 Bretzenheim was incorporated into Mainz together with Weisenau and the towns of Bischofsheim , Ginsheim and Gustavsburg on the right bank of the Rhine .

Viticulture in Bretzenheim

The only two vineyards in Mainz-Bretzenheim

The oldest known document about viticulture in Mainz reports on a donation:

“This royal Dominialhof in Dalheim and the goods belonging to it received the St. Maximin Abbey near Trier through a royal donation . Their possessions in the village of Bretzenheim are evidenced by the Fulders donations, in which it says for the year 754: "I am donating to Adalbrecht another vineyard in front of the walls of the city of Mainz in the 'village of Brezzenheim', whose vineyards are on one side St. Maximin" »
from History of the City of Mainz by Karl Anton Schaab , second volume, 1844.

Currently, there are only two managed vineyards located in Mainz-Bretzenheim, they belong to viticulture law Großlage St. Alban and single vineyard Hechtsheimer Kirchenstück .


Local Advisory Board and Mayor

Local council election 2019
Turnout: 67.5%
33,1 %
32,0 %
18,9 %
9,8 %
6,2 %
n. k. %
n. k. %
n. k. %
Gains and losses
compared to 2014
+13,9 %p
-3,4 %p
-5,8 %p
+2,6 %p
+2,2 %p
-3,2 %p
-3,2 %p
-2,5 %p

In 2019 elected town council five parties continue to be represented. [4] The strongest parliamentary groups are the Greens and the CDU with four seats each, followed by the SPD with three seats. The ÖDP and the FDP are also represented, each with one seat. After winning the runoff on June 16, 2019 [5] , Claudia Siebner (CDU), who replaced her party colleague Wolfram Erdmann in the previous election in 2014, remains the mayor . [6]

State politics

Mainz-Bretzenheim is part of the Mainz II constituency . In the state election in 2016 won Doris Ahnen (SPD), the direct mandate here. [7]

coat of arms

An abbess of Dalheim Monastery had three rings in her family coat of arms , which she also used to seal her personal possessions and documents. These rings were used as local coats of arms until the 18th century. From around 1790 the pretzel appears for the first time in the town's coat of arms. It was probably assumed at the time that Bretzenheim and the pretzel would go well together. It was not until 1920 that today's Mainz local coats of arms emerged.

The Bretzenheim pretzel coat of arms does not come from the abbess Anna von Reiffenberg, who presided over the Dalheim monastery during the construction of the town hall (1575) and the revision of the Bretzenheim Weistum (1578), but from the Bretzenheim court seal, which was already on the Cuntz Müller's letter in 1579 for a Presence good is used with a clearly recognizable pretzel. This court seal was used continuously until 1798 (capture of the areas on the left bank of the Rhineused by the French). In the time when the Bretzenheimers had a mayor, the pretzel did not appear at all, only in the short period of the Provisional Administration (1814–1816) did a pretzel appear again in the municipal stamp. After that, Bretzenheim became a grand ducal community - again without a pretzel, but with a crown and a Hessian lion.


Flag of Mainz-Bretzenheim

For the technical description, the city of Mainz currently uses the following RAL color values , with their correspondence in the Pantone and CMYK system for word and image trademarks ("logos") and RGB for online media:

colour RAL[8] Pantone CMYK RGB (hex and color)
Schwarz NONE
0A 0A 0D
Black C 0-0-0-100 26 23 27
yellow NONE
FF DC 00
7405 C 0-25-100-0 253 196 0
blue NONE
00 78 BB
285 C 85-50-0-0 15 114 180
The town hall in Bretzenheim

Culture and sights

Mainz-Bretzenheim is home to a total of five monument zones , including the Alte Ziegelei monument zone , as well as several individual monuments. A detailed overview can be found under List of cultural monuments in Mainz-Bretzenheim .

Educational institutions

There are the following schools in Mainz-Bretzenheim:

Primary schools:

Moreover, lies just north of Bretzenheim a location of the University of Mainz and east, adjoining the grounds of the University .

District AG

  • Hot line for Bretzenheim
  • The district AG has existed as a forum for citizen participation since 1998. It is independent of administration and political parties, and works with local councilors, local councils, associations, institutions and parishes. Problems are addressed in several groups, suggestions for improvement are developed and initiatives and actors are coordinated.

Lindenmühle natural show garden

  • Lindenmühle natural show garden
    In voluntary work, a nature show garden with exclusively native plants has been created on Mühlweg. The facility is accessible at any time. It is intended to encourage fellow citizens to give more native wild plants space in gardens and green spaces and thus to make a contribution to the preservation of plant diversity. In December 2005, the “Natural Green” working group received a nature conservation award for the project. In September 2009 the nature show garden was awarded an environmental prize. The motto of the competition was: The best ideas for a sustainable Rhineland-Palatinate. [9] In 2012 the show garden became the UN Decade Project on Biological Diversity.


In March 1969, TSG 1846 Mainz-Bretzenheim invited the GDR women's national gymnastics team to show gymnastics in Mainz and triggered a scandal with the recognition of the GDR symbols

Mainz-Bretzenheim has a diverse club life. For example, the Association of Brickwork Friends Mainz was founded in 1985 with the aim of preserving the old brickworks as a leisure and educational center. [10] The first soccer team of TSG 1846 Mainz-Bretzenheim currently plays (2019/20 season) in the regional league of the Southwest German Football Association . [11] Other sports clubs in the district are SV Bretzenheim 1912 and DJK Moguntia Bretzenheim .

In 1946, members of the Catholic youth founded the Carnival Association CKV Bretzenheim , which was originally rooted in the religious Carnival and is now recognized throughout the Mainz Carnival . [12] Other carnival clubs are the Jakobiner Bretzenheim, founded in 1973, and the Bretzenummer Schnattergänsjer, which has only existed since 2013 .

Football stadium

On May 4, 2009 the foundation stone for today's Opel Arena was laid in the Bretzenheim district. Since the Bundesliga season 2011/12 denies 1. FSV Mainz 05 where its home games. The club's training center has remained in the Bruchweg Stadium , which is located in the Hartenberg-Münchfeld district .

Economy and Infrastructure

Bretzenheim has an extensive industrial area in the southeast, right in the triangle of the Autobahn 60, A 63 and Bundesstraße 40. Hornbach [13] and the furniture store Poco [14] have a seat there. One of the largest shopping centers is also located on the industrial area in the city, the Gutenberg Center.

An attempt to expand by the Carrefour Group to Mainz in 1977 failed.

Road connection


Bretzenheim is integrated into the public transport network of the city of Mainz through several MVG bus and tram lines . There are direct bus connections to the two largest train stations in Mainz, the main train station and the Roman theater . Since December 2016, the new tram route, known under the project name Mainzelbahn and Bretzenheim with the university , has also been running through the local district, the campus of the University of Applied Sciences as well as with the districts of Marienborn and Lerchenberg. With the timetable change on December 15, 2019, a direct connection was established between Bretzenheim and Mainz-Hechtsheim via the A 60; previously the only direct connection (line 52) ran via the main station and the city center. [15]


Bretzenheim's sons and daughters

Personalities who have worked on site

  • Josef Hofmann (1927–2016), lawyer and politician, worked as a lawyer in Bretzenheim
  • Walter Konrad (1935–2019), lawyer, media manager and local politician, lived in Bretzenheim
  • Claudia Wildhardt (* 1968), volleyball player, played for TSG Mainz-Bretzenheim for several years

See also


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  • Association for local history Bretzenheim and Zahlbach: 1250 years Bretzenheim (= Bretzenheim contributions to history. Issue 2). Mainz 2002.


Commons : Mainz-Bretzenheim - Collection of images, videos and audio files

Individual evidence

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