Manuel Garcia Fernandez - Manuel García Fernández

Manuel Garcia Fernandez
Manuel García Fernández located in the Province of Tucumán
Manuel Garcia Fernandez
Manuel Garcia Fernandez
Location of Manuel García Fernández in the Province of Tucumán
Coordinates 26 ° 57'22 "S 65 ° 16'12" O  /  -26.9561, -65.27 Coordinates: 26 ° 57'22 "S 65 ° 16'12" O  /  -26.9561, -65.27
Entity Location
Country Argentina's flag Argentina
Province Tucuman flag Tucuman
Department Loyal
Population (2010)
• Total 1061 have.
Postal Code T4166
Telephone prefix 0381

Manuel García Fernández is an Argentine town located in the Department of Loyalties of the Province of Tucumán . It is located at the junction of National Route 157 with Provincial Route 321, 1 km from National Route 38 .

The name of the town is a tribute to the Spanish immigrant, Manuel García Fernández, a native of Galicia, who at the end of the 19th century founded the Bella Vista Mill, promoting the sugar industry and the progress of the entire area. He was a great philanthropist, one of his most notorious works being the donation of the figure of one million pesos, in 1920, for the construction of the "Tulio Garcia Fernández" School in San Miguel de Tucumán, named in honor of one of their deceased children.

In 1999 the Manuel García Fernández station of the Belgrano Railway was renovated to allow the loading of lemon juice at -18ºC. [ 1 ]


It has 1,061 inhabitants ( Indec , 2010 ), which represents an increase of 6% compared to the 1,003 inhabitants ( Indec , 2001 ) of the previous census.

Graph of demographic evolution of Manuel García Fernández between 1991 and 2010

Source of the National Censuses of INDEC


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