Maria Diaz - María Díaz

Maria Diaz
Personal information
Birth name Maria Diaz Gonzalez
Birth September 2, 1969 (51 years)
Spanish flag Avilés , Asturias , Spain
nationality Spanish
Professional information
Occupation actress and comedian
Years active from 2010

María Díaz González ( Aviles , Asturias , Spain , 2 as September as 1969 ), known artistically as Maria Viking , is an actress and humorist Spanish .


He was born at night in a taxi in Avilés , Asturias on September 2 , 1969 . She studied and worked as a nurse - "I got tired of convincing the patient not to call security every time he entered a room," he acknowledged - and after that, he decided to become a comedian . He debuted on television in the TV channel Paramount Comedy , where he began performing monologues, and later on national television with their participation in the program The King of Comedy of TVE . He made his film debut in 2010playing a hippie in the movie Camp Flipy . However, she became known nationally on the television series Aída . Regarding this, María commented that: «In" Aída "the human team is impressive, it is a family and, in my case, any fear that I might have at first dissipated when I met them». On Saturday, May 3, 2014, María appeared with Paco and María León in the television program Hay una cosa que te quiero [Hay una cosa que que te qué] where she wanted to congratulate her mother on Mother's Day .

Private life

He also has several relatives in Galicia, Yareli, Adrián Herrera and some other well-known characters in his locality.

The 22 of February of 2014 was attacked by a gang of youths who mistook a transsexual . [ 1 ]