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Mekano was a Chilean youth television program , presented during most of its broadcasts by José Miguel Viñuela and produced and broadcast by the private station Mega . The space generated over the years a series of admirers and detractors and became one of the most watched youth programs on Chilean television .

Its first broadcasts began in 1997 with the animation of Verónica Calabi , who was there until 1998 and José Miguel Viñuela , who was there until the summer of 2005 , after that the animator Javier Olivares would have a brief and bumpy step in driving . Once the controversies over the participation of Olivares were overcome, Pía Cichero continued to be in charge of the conduction together with Alejandro Arriagada , who was later succeeded by Juan Pablo Sáez , when the change of format began. With the constant changes of format, the program went down, and ended in 2007, with Viñuela conducting the last chapters.

After his term, the director of the space, Álex Hernández , emigrated to Chilevisión , where he applied the Mekano format in a new program, Yingo , which was broadcast in the same time slot in which his previous space was broadcast, this time, by far less media success, and with a third of the original audience rating.


The early years (1997-2002)

Unlike the programs made in recent years, Mekano began in that year as a youth program not very extroverted, of conversation, with an emphasis on national music , the likes of adolescents and university youth, following the line of Extra Young . It was even broadcast only on Saturdays at noon, which later changed to the classic schedule in the afternoon from Monday to Friday.

The initial Mekano has many similarities with the programs that are currently made on the cable channels Vía X and Zona Latina . A program that was moderate in the 1990s , aimed at the middle class. At the beginning it was led by Verónica Calabi together with the, at that time unknown José Miguel Viñuela . However, Viñuela was the one who remained in command of the space for seven years, and would be accompanied, among others, by Pamela Díaz , Cathy Barriga , Macarena Ramis , Carola Zúñiga and Andrés Baile .

Arrival of the Axé and apogee (2002-2003)

Porto Seguro, an ax group that became popular in Mekano .

Mekano achieved great success in 2002 , turning the Axé into a musical boom in Chile ; that year he made the Brazilian group known as " Axé Bahía " famous , and later " Porto Seguro ". That same year tunes were marked for over 30 units, achieving a peak of 52 points when the program host José Miguel Viñuela kissed Catalina Palacios who at that time was part of "Team Mekano", a record for him. youth schedule. The well-known "Team Mekano" was also formed, a group of dancers who imposed rhythms and choreography on the youth.

At the end of 2002 , the program was a phenomenon and they proclaimed themselves as "the first Chilean reality show " with the annex program Refugio Mekano , which also enjoyed good success, ahead of Channel 13's Protagonistas de la Fama a few weeks . Between the years 2002 and 2004 was the period with the greatest success in tuning of this program, becoming cataloged "the best youth program on Hispanic American television." [ citation required ]

But it is also worth mentioning that the Brazilian rhythm Axé was not the only style that made this youth space popular. Before that, the full River Plate rhythm, originally from Uruguay , was also popular with well-remembered bands such as Chocolate Latino , Mayonesa , Monterrojo , among many others. Currently these Uruguayan bands are in activity less Mayonnaise.

Decline and partial reformulation (2003-2005)

The 2003 began the decline of Mekano , since the program TVN Rojo Fama Contrafama became a phenomenon, taking the youth leadership MEGA afternoon. Mekano seeks its reformulation, this is how the so-called miniseries were born where part of the "Team" shows its acting side, standing out Carla Jara and Philippe Trillat . The miniseries achieved great tuning success, standing out Don Floro , Xfea2 and EsCool , which allowed a rearmament of a dramatic area of ​​the channel, which later would launch telenovelas such as Montecristo and Fortunato. They also looked for new musical phenomena, such as Rigeo and Karen Paola , who were successful in record sales. The popularity of the program returned and the audience index went up, with the same success as before (but renewed and more socially modern), but they did not manage to surpass " Rojo " in tune, who became more famous every day in the popular culture of Chileans, setting tuning records in their finery and a new milestone in the history of Chilean television . What made the difference between both programs was that RojoIt was aimed at a young audience as well, but it had a deep impact on the general public (especially adults), while Mekano continued to be for young people, a cut that was maintained until the end of the program.

To the drop in the audience index of the space due to the competition with Rojo was added the departure of its historical animator, José Miguel Viñuela , who assumed a new role in the channel, conducting the morning Mucho gusto , together with Magdalena Montes . His last program of Mekano was the day 24 of January of 2005 , at the beach Las Salinas de Viña of the Sea . He was replaced by what was his other competitor in the youth program Tremendous shock of Chilevisión , the young Javier Olivares Avendaño.

Mekano: Game Over (2006)

In 2006 the audience index fell again and all the old members were fired, leaving only the most distinguished. The program is reformulated by calling itself Mekano, the game is over , a project that was the first step in the reformulation of the youth space, which had as a novelty a competition between three teams (red, blue and green) to continue in the program and reach the final to choose a department. The competition lasted for more than seven months, the singer Valeria Mellado finally winning .

Mekano: The Akademia and Air Out (2007)

During 2007 developed Mekano: The Akademia ( sic ), a mix between reality show and competition (with similar format to Mekano: Game over ), where 21 young people (12 women and 9 men) were engaged by a department which they had to live on the third floor of the canal. The conduction was going to be in charge of the same couple from the previous season: Juan Pablo Sáez and Pía Ciccero , but hours before the premiere, the latter was informed that his contract would not be renewed, even after having been promoting the new one. reality in different media. As time passed, Fernanda Hansenbecame the official co-animator. The big winner of the reality show department was the singer, Karen Olivier

On 13 February of the 2007 , the staff of the program, including the director Álex Hernandez , presents his resignation to MEGA to go to Chilevisión . This was due to the fact that Pía Cichero , who had previously participated as co-animator along with Juan Pablo Sáez , had been fired because of him, who refused to work with the young woman and threatened to resign if the executives did not fire her.

On March 3 of the same year, Mekano dresses in mourning, after the death of one of its members: Paola Oportus, only 21 years old, victim of a brain tumor . With this, the decline of Mekano was even more noticeable.

In May 2007 , and on the occasion of the celebration of the 10 years of the program, a special was made with former members of the space, including the animator José Miguel Viñuela , who also conducted the last three weeks of the space (from May 21 to on June 8 of 2007 ) before its closure.

Competitor nationality Review
Catalina Palacios ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile Singer and entertainer for Yingo de Chilevisión , Zoolo TV and other Mega programs . Today he is dedicated to his 3rd studio album as a singer Let yourself go .
José Luis Bibbó (Joche) Argentina's flag Argentina Model, winner of the reality show 40 or 20 on Channel 13 .
María Isabel Indo (Chabe) ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile Actress, dancer, former participant of Dancing Fever and 40 ° degrees .
Monserrat Torrent (Monti) ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile Cheerleader, model, dancer. He works at Bang TV on the show Bang .
Carla Jara ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile, Actress. He participated in Platoon and Dance Fever .
Cathy Barriga ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile Singer, married to Joaquín Lavín's son , Joaquín Lavín León , national politician. Dancing Fever participant . Current mayor of Maipú
Pia Ciccero ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile Cheerleader, singer and model.
Yamna Lobos ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile Dancer, she was in 2000 the program generation Come with me on Channel 13 , Red of TVN , conductive Danz and Soundtrax of Bang TV , exjurado of Yingo of CHV , participant Worlds Opposed to Channel 13 and Open secret of Mega .
Philippe Trillat ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile Actor, painter, former member of Calle 7 y 40 ó 20 .
Paola Porto ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile He died of a brain tumor at the age of 21.
Anggy Baez ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile Nursing student.
Romina saez ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile Cheerleader for Bang with Monti on Bang TV .
Misael G Henriquez A ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile Student.
Fernanda Brass BrazilFlag of Brazil.svg Brazil Model, dancer and businesswoman. He appeared in Teatro en Chilevisión .
Amanda Cibelli BrazilFlag of Brazil.svg Brazil Model and dancer.
Belen Muñoz ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile Model and former participant of Calle 7 . Couple of Francisco Rodríguez Prat .
Francisco Rodriguez Prat ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile Former member of Calle 7 de TVN . Winner of the reality TVN Pelotón IV , third season of Calle 7 , twelfth season of Calle 7 and third season of Calle 7 Paraguay . Member of the musical group Parchi .
Carolina "La Rancherita" Molina ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile Singer, he participated in Year 0 and Dance Fever .
Ruth Gamarra ParaguayFlag of Paraguay.svg Paraguay Model and ex- Yingo member and former Intruder roster .
Ariela Medeiros BrazilFlag of Brazil.svg Brazil Model and businesswoman.
Karen paola ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile Singer, ex-juror of Yingo and former member of Calle 7 . Juan Pedro Verdier's couple . Currently in Mucho gusto .
Juan Pedro Verdier UruguayFlag of Uruguay.svg Uruguay Model, partner of Karen Paola , former technical commentator and former participant of Calle 7 . Panelist for The Morning of Chilevisión .
Rose Marie Segura ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile Model, former member of The infernal wall of Mega , Calle 7 of TVN and other programs.
Daniela aránguiz ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile Model and dancer, wife of soccer player Jorge Valdivia .
Love CubaFlag of Cuba.svg Cuba Model.
Francoise Perrot ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile Model, former member of Yingo y Pelotón , ex-wife of Edmundo Varas .
Pato Team ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile Model, dancer, producer of Secret to Voices .
Nicole perez ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile Actress and dancer.
Paper ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile Model.
Jocelyn Diaz ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile Model, former Yingo and Calle 7 .
Pavez dishes ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile Actress and model, former Yingo girl and Calle 7 applicant .
Faloon Larraguibel ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile Model, former member of Yingo and Baila to the rhythm of a dream . He participated in Mekano since he was 14 years old.
Karen Olivier ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile Singer, he applied to Latin American Idol . Mekano winner : The akademia .
Patricia Oliva ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile Exchica Rojo and Tremendous shock .
Brunette BrazilFlag of Brazil.svg Brazil Exchica axé .
Valeria Mellado ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile Mekano winner : Game over .
Ximena Abarca ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile Singer. Winner of Protagonistas de la Música .
Daniela Palacios ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile Sister of Catalina Palacios .
Nicole "Luli" Moreno ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile Nightclub model. He worked on the Bang TV channel . He participated in the reality show Amor a trial on the Mega channel
Lidia Gutierrez ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile Former Farmers participant . He worked at Telecanal .
Andrea Bucaram EcuadorFlag of Ecuador.svg Ecuador Exchica Rojo .
Paloma Fiuza "Pop's" BrazilFlag of Brazil.svg Brazil Ex Porto Seguro.
Franciane Brandao (Fran) BrazilFlag of Brazil.svg Brazil Ex Porto Seguro.
I lived Rodrigues BrazilFlag of Brazil.svg Brazil Dancer, former Porto Seguro and former member of Farmers and 1910 .
Fabrizio Vasconcellos BrazilFlag of Brazil.svg Brazil Former Porto Seguro, winner of La Isla Vip , 1910 and Dancing Fever .
Bruno Zaretti BrazilFlag of Brazil.svg Brazil Ex Axé Bahia , exclusive artist of Televisa .
Francini Amaral BrazilFlag of Brazil.svg Brazil Dancer and model, ex Axé Bahia and exchica Rojo . She participated in Pelotón , winner of Special II dance fever , and in My name is ... of Channel 13 in its VIP format.
Flaviana Seeling BrazilFlag of Brazil.svg Brazil Axé Bahia . Participant V ball Fever .
Pamela Diaz ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile Model, known as La fiera . Expanelista of SQP , MQH , exjurado of Yingo , exparticipante of La Granja , exanimadora of Close - up , winner of the program Chilevisión Dance Fever V .
Paloma Fuentes ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile Model.
Jacqueline gaete ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile Former model of Morandé with company , former participant of Year 0 , former participant of Calle 7 , former participant of Salta si you can and current member of Calle 7 Ecuador .
Rony Munizaga ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile More "Rony Dance", exparticipante of Calle 7 .
Rogerio de Farías BrazilFlag of Brazil.svg Brazil Former participant of Calle 7 .
Ricardo Ribeiro BrazilFlag of Brazil.svg Brazil Dancer, aka "Caco".
Alexander Arriagada ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile Ex-participant of Calle 7 , former Café con Leche.
Rodrigo del Real ChileFlag of Chile.svg Chile Alias ​​"Rigeo". Former co-animator of Calle 7 , Singer with gold and silver records. Brother of Daniela Aránguiz.

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Program discs

  • Summer 2002 Latino
  • Hurricane Brazil 2002
  • Funk & Axé Music
  • Ta Dominated
  • Vice
  • Successes 2004
  • Summer 2005
  • Reggaeton hits
  • The game is over
  • Akademia, Romantics
  • Akademia, Latin Rock Hits
  • Akademia, Pop latino
  • Academy, Reggaeton

Discs of the artists of the program

Soundtracks of the show's soap operas

  • Urban loves
  • EsCool's musical hits

Carla Jara , María Isabel Indo (Chabe), Carolina Molina and Valeria Mellado announced the recording of their albums but they never went on sale.

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