National team - Nationalspieler

As a national team is called a player a team sport (for example, handball , football , basketball , water polo , hockey ), which for the national team of a national sports federation games other against the national teams of national associations denies.


A player is usually eligible to play for the national association's national team, which is responsible in the country of his or her citizenship .

In many sports the same player may have been nominated for several "national teams" if he has changed nationality in the course of his career. However, there are world associations that do not allow this.

For example, the world football association FIFA only allows its athletes to change their "national team" to a limited extent, at least in the senior sector. If a player has already been used in a compulsory international match in the senior team of a national association, he may no longer play for any other national association. If a footballer changes his nationality, his career as a national player is over if he has previously played in compulsory international matches in the senior division.

This also applies to the four "National Associations" in the UK . For example, a player who has played for the English federation cannot later play for the Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish federations.

FIFA made exceptions after declarations of independence by states and after German reunification. For example, there were players who initially played for the Yugoslavian selection, but were later allowed to play for the Croatian , Slovenian , Bosnian-Herzegovinian etc. selection. The players from the former GDR selection were also allowed to play for the selection of the DFB after German reunification .

About the term "national player"

The term "national player" is understood as a kind of award and includes every player who has actually played a game against another national team on the field (or other sports facility) and has neither resigned from the national team nor ended his sporting career Has. Thus, not every member of the selection squad is a national player (namely only those who have at least been substituted on at international matches) and not every national player is a member of the selection squad (because active athletes who have already played international matches and are generally available for the national team) referred to as a national player).


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