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Oliver Polak, 2016

Oliver Polak (born May 14, 1976 in Papenburg ) is a German comedian and author .


Oliver Polak's father Wilhelm Polak (1925–2015) survived the Holocaust and internment in several concentration camps as a German Jew and returned to his hometown Papenburg after the war, where he ran a clothing store. His mother Inna, who studied German, came to Germany from Leningrad in 1975 . She is involved in a German-Russian association for the partner community of Papenburg. [1]

Polak attended several schools in Leer and Papenburg. He graduated from high school in England at Carmel College , a Jewish Orthodox boarding school in South Oxfordshire . After an internship at VIVA in the broadcast of Stefan Raab [2] in Cologne , he appeared as a co-presenter at the Viva Family and hosted the Disney Club on RTL for a year . He also played on Sat.1 in the comedy series Zack . From 2002 he was seen as Udo in the series Bernds Hexe . In 2003 he moved to Berlin , took acting lessons and started in early 2006To do stand-up comedy , initially in the Scheinbar in Berlin-Schöneberg as part of “ Open Stage ” evenings for beginners and amateurs. In 2010 Polak released the song Let's all be Jews together with the musician Erobique ( International Pony ) . [3] In the 2013 published music video I'm Adolf Hitler of KIZ he embodies the role of Adolf Hitler .

In 2014 Polak spent several months in a mental hospital seeking treatment for his depression. He treats this experience in his book The Jewish Patient . [4] Since 2015 he can be seen together with Micky Beisenherz in the TV series The Laughing of Others . [5]

From October 24 to November 26, 2016, Polak hosted the controversial late-night show Applause and Raus on ProSieben . [6] On the November 22, 2016 show, he spoke about his testicular cancer diagnosed in 2006. After several follow-up examinations, he is now considered cured. He received the Grimme Prize in the entertainment category in 2017 for moderating the show . [7] Jürn Kruse, a member of the Grimme Prize jury, distanced himself from the award of the prize due to the show's use of the hashtag "#GastoderSpast", which is hostile to disabled people . [8th]

On December 5, 2016, Polak took part in the Pro-7 show Das Duell um die Geld with sports presenter Frank Buschmann , cook Frank Rosin and sports presenter Laura Wontorra .

Together with Micky Beisenherz , he has been producing the podcast Juwelen im Morast der Langeweile at the audio book provider Audible since November 2017 . Once a week for an hour, they exchange ideas about their everyday life, celebrity encounters and sensitivities. [9]

In 2018 a bridge in Papenburg was named after his father Wilhelm. At the inauguration of Wilhelm-Polak-Platz, Polak criticized the way the city dealt with the memory of his father. During his lifetime, the then mayor Ulrich Nehe prevented him from being made an honorary citizen. Polak criticized the fact that klezmer music was played at the opening because his father hated this music. [10]

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic , four episodes of the video podcast Better than War - Oliver Polak and guests were recorded. [11] On the show, Polak speaks to his guests "about personal, intimate, controversial, philosophical topics" (rbb). The publication is in audio form on Radio Eins , in the ARD Audiothek , on iTunes and YouTube and as a linear broadcast in the programs of Radio Eins and rbb Fernsehen . [12]

Polak lives in Berlin.


The subject of Polak's cabaret programs is his childhood and youth as a German Jew in Papenburg in northern Germany. [13] He repeatedly addresses the relationship between non-Jewish and Jewish Germans. One of his best-known sayings is: “Let’s be relaxed with each other […] I’m forgetting about the Holocaust - and you will forgive us Michel Friedman .” [14]



  • 2010: Jud Süß Sauer - the show (CD)
  • 2012: Oliver Polak - I'm allowed to do that, I'm a Jew (DVD)
  • 2014: Oliver Polak - Sick Pig Tour
  • 2015: Oliver Polak - Super Sad Tour
  • 2017: Oliver Polak - About everything
  • 2018: Oliver Polak - The final boss


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