Pando (Ruiloba) - Pando (Ruiloba)

country Flag of Spain.svg Spain
Autonomous communication Flag of Cantabria (Official).svg Cantabria
Province Flag of Cantabria (Official).svg Cantabria
Municipality Ruiloba
Location 43 ° 22'45 "N 4 ° 15'36" O  /  43.379166666667, -4.26 Coordinates: 43 ° 22'45 "N 4 ° 15'36" O  /  43.379166666667, -4.26
Altitude 50 masl
Population 139 have. ( INE 2008 )
Postal Code 39527

Pando is a town in the municipality of Ruiloba ( Cantabria , Spain ). In 2008 it had a population of 139 inhabitants ( INE ). The town is located 50 meters above sea level , and 2 kilometers west of the municipal capital, La Iglesia .

Architectural heritage

Of its heritage, the convent of San José, belonging to the Order of the Discalced Carmelites, stands out . The building was built in 1877, in a baroque style with a classicist facade . The nuns that inhabit it are dedicated to decorating porcelain .

In addition, there is a hermitage in the town dedicated to San Roque . Moreover, the town is one of the municipality in which you can see a architecture traditional civil, with rows of houses with walls of masonry and masonry and balconies of wood painted that cross the facade between the two gables , as is typical of Cantabria .