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Pilar Boyero
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Personal information
Birth name Pilar Boyero Gomez
Birth May 28, 1974 (46 years)
Spanish flag Cáceres , Spain
nationality Spanish
Professional information
Occupation Singer , actress
Years active 1992 - present
Instrument Voice
Related artists Clara Montes , Juan Valderrama , Marifé de Triana

Pilar Boyero Gómez ( Cáceres , 28 of maypole of 1974 ) is a Spanish singer specializing in the genre of song . She has also worked as an actress.


His family lives in Salorino, a place he always goes to when he has time. [ 1 ] He studied Law at the University of Extremadura . She studied singing and piano at the Conservatory of Music in Cáceres Professional for five years and soloist of the choir of the UEX [ 2 ]


He decided to dedicate himself professionally to the Copla in 1992 after making a name for himself in this genre by performing on local stations, neighborhood parties, festivals, etc. [ 3 ] Later, he participated in the warm tribute that is celebrated in Cáceres to the master Juan Solano, sharing the poster with established figures such as Lolita Sevilla , Paquita Rico , Mª José Santiago , etc., assuming this act its definitive launch, receiving magnificent criticism and beginning to be considered as a reality of our Copla.

Thanks to this, you can enjoy numerous performances throughout Extremadura, being included in the activity programs of both the Junta de Extremadura and the Provincial Councils of Cáceres and Badajoz (Summer, Musical Autumn, etc.)

In 1995, he released his first published LP, entitled El cante mio , at the Jammin studios in Mérida. [ 4 ] This record work sounded on the main radio stations dedicated to Spanish music (Cadena Dial, Radio-l ...). [ 5 ] In May 1995, she performed in Madrid before the TV cameras of Channel 47 as a guest artist on the program, Las noche del 47 , presented by maestro Bazan. It is included in the Spanish and Flamenco Song show “Quejío” devised by the flamenco guitarist JAConde.

In February 1996 she was accompanied on the piano by the famous pianist Felipe Campuzano in a performance held at the San Francisco de Cáceres Auditorium. In April of that same year he made a tour of Morocco, performing in educational centers dependent on the Spanish Embassy. In 1998 he began his summer tour by performing, in an acoustic concert (piano, double bass and voice), at the legendary Ateneo de Madrid Cultural Center. This tour concludes, three months later, at the Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos de Salamanca, performing accompanied by his orchestra.

On May 28, 1999 he presented his second album Pilar Boyero Canta al Maestro Solano , with a concert at the Cáceres Auditorium. In September 2002, he participated in the musical show “Extremadura, the sounds of a people”, produced by the Junta de Extremadura for the acts of Extremadura Day at the Roman theater in Mérida. Since the beginning of 2002 he has given a series of conferences under two headings: “The song, recovery of a common heritage” and “The song and the laws, the right to passion”; also published in cultural magazines.

Since 2003 presents and directs am forbidden in Canal Extremadura Radio , dedicated to couplet [ 6 ] [ 7 ] and performs "La Copla by storm" on the El Coso program of the same chain. [ 8 ]

On June 4, 2004, he presented his album A Whole Life, accompanied by the Cadiz pianist Chano Domínguez and the trumpeter Jerry González , at the Gran Teatro de Cáceres and thus followed by various theaters in the Extremadura region. [ 9 ] His show A Whole Life , an ambitious musical project in which he surrounded himself with international musical figures such as the American trumpeter Jerry González , the Cadiz pianist Chano Domínguez (both protagonists of the Fernando Trueba film“Calle 54”) the brilliant Jorge Pardo, jazz-flamenco saxophonist-flutist and the acclaimed violinist Ara Malikian . [ 10 ]

In 2008 he began to collaborate altruistically with people with Alzheimer's disease thanks to the good results that the Copla causes in them. [ 11 ] In From Cáceres to Manhattan , Boyero gives voice to the fusion of verses with a couplet performed by the poet Santiago Tobar and Carlos Ojeda is in charge of the musical arrangements. [ 12 ]

Since 2011 he has taught 'History of the copla' at the UEx University for the Elderly. [ 13 ] In 2012 he published his work Coplas de Puñalá . [ 14 ]

In 2016 it celebrates its 25 years in the world of copla. And he publishes the album Por siempre Carlos Cano. [ 1 ]

In 2018 Pilar Boyero accompanied on piano by maestro Pedro Monty, they took the program 'Vivir la copla' to ten residences for the elderly in different towns in the province of Badajoz. [ 15 ]

As a television jury

  • Talent "Young Duende", Extremadura TV Channel (2010). [ 14 ]
  • "Íñigo en directo", RTVCM (2012).
  • Bravo for the Copla, RTVCM (2013).
  • "The children of your eyes", RTVCM (2014).
  • A tu vera ”, RTVCM (2015).

TV participation

  • As an artist and specialist in Copla every Thursday live in a section of Copla of Canal Extremadura TV bringing new promises, (2013, 2014)
  • He directed and co-presented on Canal Extremadura TV, Cuaderno de Coplas . [ 16 ]

Awards and honours

  • March 8, 2017 Tribute by the Cáceres City Council to the trajectory of eight women, including Pilar Boyero. [ 17 ]


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