Suburban Resistance - Resistencia Suburbana

Suburban Resistance
Suburban Resistance.jpg
Suburban Resistance in 2008.
General data
Origin Argentina's flag Buenos Aires , Argentina
Artistic information
Genders) Reggae
Period of activity 1993 - 2012 (as Resistencia Suburbana)
2012 - present (as Resistencia)
Dr. Luis Alfa
Fabián Leroux
Leandro Díaz
Walter Elias
Uri Castellucci

Resistencia Suburbana was an Argentine reggae and rock group , formed in Billinghurst , San Martín , Province of Buenos Aires , Argentina , in 1993 . Until its dissolution in 2012 [ 1 ]


His first performances at a fair in Palomar. In 1996 , they released "Accounts Pending", their first album, recorded completely independently. In 2000 , they released "Resistencia + IVA", recorded and produced by album with which they began to increase the number of followers in each of their shows .

In 2003 , "La Unión Verdadera" came out, a response to a world that according to them is divided by hatred and where renowned Argentine musicians such as Pity Álvarez , singer and guitarist of the rock bands Viejas Locas and Intoxicados participate . On the album they include a song called "We are increasingly Yankis", in which they criticize the inclusion of English terms in everyday Argentine language. Due to the constant growth of the band, in 2004 , they decided to compile their first two albums into one single and to relaunch them under the name of "Cuenta pending, Palabras Poderosas", adding a version in Spanish of "Iron Lion Zion ”, the legendary song by Bob Marley .

In 2006 , they published the album "Things that nobody heard", highlighting the song "For cultivating marijuana." On November 24 , they do a great recital at Federico Lacroze's theater , this recital marks a before and after in the band since they decided to hire the production company Luxe Visuales to make the films and later release a DVD . Finally, this band has become popular more than anything thanks to the spread of word of mouth from the people, as well as through the Internet . [ 2 ]

The Suburban resistance DVD , called "Worrrsss !!!" was edited and released on January 11 , has twenty-three songs, which include two covers : " Iron Lion Zion " by Bob Marley and "Bush Doctor" by Peter Tosh

The 9 of October of 2009 , goes on sale the latest study material from the band entitled "With the strength of the sea" which was officially unveiled at the micro Estadio Malvinas Argentinas , on October 24 of that year.


Resistencia Suburbana was a rebellious reggae band that eloquently manifested reality, the struggle, the popular discontent and that threw out the window one of the most common topics of the genre: No problem . Which they themselves transformed into Yes problem . Consequently with this attitude, the members of the gang were united by an ideological coincidence: strong defenders of human rights , unconditionally support the legalization of marijuana . Self-defined as a fighting band with a lot of energy, they became one of the most representative groups and with the greatest projection of the Argentine reggae scene.


The 23 of maypole of 2012 , the voice of the group, Luis Alfa , decided to step to the side for serious differences of opinion with members of the group and also with new ambitions in the future. Together with him, Traska (drums) and Uri Castellucci (keyboard) left the group. Alfa said he is working on a new project, along with three other musicians "of great talent and humility." The name of the new group is "C4" which, in his words, will be the vindication of combative Reggae . [ citation required ]


After the singer's separation, the name of the band became only "Resistencia" or also "Resistencia Reggae". The new line-up includes a large part of RS and the inclusion of Jose Conceiçao in [[drums]. In 2014 , with this lineup, they released the plate «Alma de Hierro». [ 3 ]


  • Luis Alfa: [Voice)
  • Fabián Leroux: [Guitar and Choirs]
  • Leandro Díaz: [Bass]
  • Walter Elias: (Guitars and Choirs)
  • Christ: [Keyboards)
  • Cuchu: [Percussion]]
  • Dr. Traska: [Drums]
  • Uri Castelluccio: [Teclados]



  • Unpaid (1996) [ 4 ]
  • Resistance + VAT (2000)
  • The True Union (2003)
  • Pending Accounts - Mighty Words (2004)
  • Things Nobody Heard (2006)
  • With the force of the sea (2009)

As resistance

  • Iron Soul (2014)


  • The truth they didn't want (2016)


  • Worrrsssss!!!! (2008)


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