List of opera houses / South America - Liste von Opernhäusern/Südamerika

This list is a subpage of the list of opera houses . Well-known opera houses in South America are listed .

Opera houses in South America


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Buenos Aires Avenida Theater The Teatro Avenida is a theater in the Montserrat district of the Argentine capital. The opera house opened in 1908 with a play by Lope de Vega . Website Avenida Theater (Buenos Aires) .jpg
Buenos Aires Colon Theater The Teatro Colón (Spanish for Columbus Theater ) is the most famous theater in Buenos Aires. The first Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires opened on April 27, 1857 on the south-western corner of Plaza de Mayo . The building no longer exists.

Today's Teatro Colón, located between Plaza Lavalle and Avenida 9 de Julio , was built between 1889 and 1908 by the architects Francesco Tamburini, Angelo Ferrari, Victor Meano and Julio Dormal. It opened on May 25, 1908 with the opera Aida by Giuseppe Verdi . The theater has 2500 seats and 1000 standing places.

Website Colon Theater, Plaza Lavalle, Buenos Aires alt.jpg
Córdoba General San Martín Liberator Theater The Teatro del Libertador General San Martín (or Teatro del Libertador or Teatro Libertador ) is the premier theater, opera house, and concert hall in Cordoba. It was inaugurated on April 26, 1891 as the Rivera Indarte Theater and was renamed for the first time in 1950 in honor of General José de San Martín , was called Rivera Indarte from 1956 and has been called Teatro del Libertador General San Martín again since 1973 . Website Cordoba-teatrolibertador.JPG
At payment Argentine Theater of La Plata The Teatro Argentino de La Plata is the second most important lyric opera house in Argentina after the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires. The theater is located in a central block of the city of La Plata, the capital of the province of Buenos Aires. Website Argentine Theater of La Plata.jpg
Mendoza Independence Theater The Teatro Independencia is the premier performing arts venue in Mendoza, Argentina. Website Independence Theater Mendoza.jpg
Rosario El Circulo Theater The Teatro El Círculo is a theater in Rosario, Argentina. Website El Círculo Theater panorama 1.jpg
Santa Fe Municipal Theater of Santa Fe The Municipal Theater of Santa Fe is the premier stage theater and concert hall in Santa Fe, Argentina. Website Municipal theater santa fe.JPG
San Miguel de Tucumán Alberdi Theater (Tucumán) The Teatro Alberdi is a theater of the city of San Miguel de Tucumán, which was inaugurated in 1912. Website
San Miguel de Tucumán Teatro San Martin The Teatro San Martín is the main theater in the Argentine city of San Miguel de Tucumán. It was inaugurated on May 18, 1912 under the name Teatro Odeón . It has a capacity of 800 seats and is the seat of the ballet, choir and theater of the Argentine province of Tucumán . Website Orchestra and gleaming chandelier of the Teatro San Martín.jpg


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Santa Cruz de la Sierra Casa Teatro The Casa Teatro is a theater in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. Website
Santa Cruz de la Sierra René Moreno Theater The Teatro René Moreno is a theater in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. Website


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Belem Peace Theater The Theatro Nossa Senhora da Paz or Theatro da Paz (German: Peace Theater) is located in the city of Belém in the Brazilian state of Pará . The Theatro da Paz was built in the neoclassical architectural style. It is considered the most important theater in northern Brazil. Its name was suggested by Bishop D. Macedo Costa, who also laid the foundation stone for its construction on March 3, 1869. Website
Belo Horizonte Palace of Arts The Palácio das Artes , connected to the Fundação Clóvis Salgado, is the largest cultural center in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais and one of the largest in Latin America . It is located in Belo Horizonte and extends over an area of ​​18,000 m² in the Américo Renné Giannetti city park. The building, which opened in 1971, was designed by Oscar Niemeyer . The cultural complex offers all the requirements for the performance of operas, plays, concerts, dance shows and folk music shows as well as suitable and comfortable rooms for exhibitions, film screenings, book presentations, lectures, congresses and seminars. Website AvenidaAfonsoPena and PalacioDasArtes.jpg
Curitiba Wire Opera House The Ópera de Arame is a theater in the city of Curitiba, the capital of the state of Paraná in southern Brazil. It is one of the main tourist attractions in the city. Website OperaDeArame.WireOperaHouse.CuritibaBrasil.jpg
Fortress José de Alencar Theater The Theatro José de Alencar is a theater in Fortaleza, in the Brazilian state of Ceará . José de Alencar Theater 01.jpg
Manaus Amazonas Theater The Teatro Amazonas is an opera house in Manaus, Brazil. The construction was financed by the income from the rubber boom and inaugurated on December 31, 1896. The first opera performance was on January 7, 1897, the performance of the opera " La Gioconda " by Amilcare Ponchielli . Website Teatro Amazonas 2015.jpg
Porto Alegre São Pedro Theater The Theatro São Pedro is the oldest theater in the city of Porto Alegre, the capital of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul . It opened in 1858 and quickly developed into one of the country's artistic, social and political centers. Website TSPedro-PortoAlegre.jpg
Recife Theater of Santa Isabel The Teatro de Santa Isabel is a theater building in the Brazilian city of Recife, the capital of the state of Pernambuco . Website Teatro S Isabel.jpg
Ribeirao Preto Pedro II Theater The Theatro Pedro II is a theater building in the Brazilian city of Ribeirão Preto, in the state of São Paulo . It offers a seating capacity of 1588 on a total area of ​​6500 m². Website Theatro Pedro II 01 2013-09-22.jpg
Rio de Janeiro Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro The Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro (German: Städtisches Theater ) is a theater and opera house in Rio de Janeiro. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful and important opera houses in Brazil. The impressive building is located on Praça Floriano in the Cinelândia district in central Rio. Website Municipal Theater Rio de Janeiro.jpg
Santos Coliseu Theater (Santos) The Teatro Coliseu is a theater building in Santos , in the Brazilian state of São Paulo. The theater reopened in 2006. Website At Santos, Brazil 2017 380.jpg
São João da Boa Vista (São Paulo) Municipal Theater (São João da Boa Vista) The Teatro Municipal de São João da Boa Vista is a Brazilian theater in the center of the city of São João da Boa Vista. It was built in 1913 and opened on November 8, 1914, designed by Italian architect J. Pucci and built by Antonio Lanzac. Website Municipal Theater Facade SJBV.jpg
St. Louis Arthur Azevedo Theater The Teatro Arthur Azevedo is a theater building in the city of São Luís in Maranhão state in Brazil. Website Arthur Azevedo Theater.JPG
Sao Paulo Alfa Theater (São Paulo) The Teatro Alfa is a theater building in São Paulo, Brazil. Website
Sao Paulo Municipal Theater of São Paulo The Theatro Municipal de São Paulo is a theater and opera house in São Paulo, Brazil.

The Theatro Municipal is one of the city's landmarks and is known for its architecture and historical significance. Construction began in 1903 under the designer Ramos de Azevedo and the two Italian architects Cláudio Rossi and Domiziano Rossi - inspired by the Italian opera, mainly La Scala in Milan . The house was opened on September 12, 1911 with a performance of the opera Hamlet by Ambroise Thomas .

The theater is the seat of the São Paulo Municipal Symphonic Orchestra , the Coral Lírico and the São Paulo Municipal Ballet .

Website Interior Municipal Theater of São Paulo 4.jpg
Sao Paulo São Pedro Theater The Theatro São Pedro is a theater in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. It was built by the Portuguese Manuel Fernandes Lopes and inaugurated on January 16, 1917. Website São Pedro Theater, SP, 01.jpg


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Frutillar Lake Theater (Frutillar) The Teatro del Lago is a theater and concert hall in Frutillar in the Chilean Región de los Lagos . Website Theater-of-the-lake-01.JPG
Santiago de Chile Municipal Theater of Santiago The Teatro Municipal de Santiago (also National Opera of Chile ) is the most important theater and opera house in Santiago de Chile. Website Municipal Theater of Santiago de Chile.JPG


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Bogota Colombian Opera The Ópera de Colombia is an opera house in Bogotá. It was founded in 1976 by the Colombian cultural institute Colcultura (now the Ministry of Culture). Website
Bogota Christopher Columbus Theater The Teatro de Cristóbal Colón , also known as the Teatro Colón , is located in Bogotá, Colombia and is the nation's national theater . It was built in neoclassical style by the Italian architect Pietro Cantini in 1885 and inaugurated on October 27, 1892 on the occasion of the fourth century of the discovery of America with a performance by Giuseppe Verdi's Ernani . Website Colon Theater Bogota.jpg
Bogota Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo The Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo is a theater complex in Bogotá, Colombia, consisting of the Teatro Mayor and the Teatro Estudio. Website
Cartagena de Indias Heredia Theater The Teatro Heredia , officially Teatro Adolfo Mejía , is a theater in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. Construction of the theater building began in 1906 and inaugurated on November 11, 1911 under the name Municipal Theater on the 100th anniversary of Cartagena's independence. Website Heredia Theater, Cartagena, Colombia.jpg
Medellin José Gutiérrez Gómez Metropolitan Theater The Teatro Metropolitano José Gutiérrez Gómez is the largest and most important theater in Medellín, Colombia. Website Metropolitan Theater of Medellín.JPG
Santiago from cali Jorge Isaacs Theater The Teatro Jorge Isaacs is a theater built in 1931 and declared a National Monument in 1984. It is located in the historic center of the city of Santiago de Cali, opposite the Ortiz Bridge and Los Poetas Park and next to the Iglesia la Ermita church. Website Jorge Isaacs Theater - WLCO 1.jpg
Santiago from cali Enrique Buenaventura Municipal Theater The Teatro Municipal Enrique Buenaventura , formerly Teatro Municipal de Cali , is a theater in the center of the city of Santiago de Cali in Colombia that was declared a national monument in 1982. Website CONTRASTES.JPG


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Lima Peruvian Proline Association The Asociación Prolírica del Perú is a non-profit organization in Peru that was founded in 1994 and is committed to delivering professional theater and opera performances to the citizens of the country. Website
Lima Manuel Ascencio Segura Theater The Teatro Manuel Ascencio Segura is a theater and concert hall in Lima, Peru. It is one of the oldest theaters in Latin America. TeatroPrincipalSegura01.jpg


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Montevideo National Auditorium of Sodre Dra. Adela Reta The Auditorio Nacional del Sodre Dra. Adela Reta is a national cultural center in Montevideo. The building, officially inaugurated on November 21, 2009, now houses the artistic facilities of Sodre : the national ballet BNS, the symphony orchestra, the youth orchestra, the national choir, the chamber ensemble and the children's choir. Website Sodre.jpg
Montevideo Solis Theater The Teatro Solís is a building in the Uruguayan capital, Montevideo .

The Teatro Solís, located in Ciudad Vieja on Calle Buenos Aires 678-86, is the most important stage in the country and the second largest theater in South America. The Teatro Solis, one of the most important sights of the city, has two halls, whereby the large hall with the stage, the orchestra pit, the slightly elliptical shape of the room, as well as the surrounding boxes lying on top of each other, are very similar to La Scala in Milan . This hall with a capacity of 1500 spectators is used for the performance of operas as well as for theater or concert events that take place there regularly.

Website Teatro Solis - Montevideo.jpg


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Caracas Municipal Theater of Caracas The Teatro Municipal de Caracas is an opera house in Venezuela. It was started by a French architect and completed by a Venezuelan architect Jesús Muñoz Tébar and inaugurated in 1881 by President Guzmán Blanco. It is one of the oldest opera houses in South America and keeps performing new opera productions. However, since the opening of the Teresa Carreño Cultural Complex , it is no longer the main opera house in the city. The Teatro Municipal is home to the Caracas Municipal Symphony Orchestra. Municipal Theater of Caracas.jpg
Caracas Teresa Carreño Cultural Complex The Complejo Cultural Teresa Carreño is one of the largest theaters in Caracas.

The theater, named after the Venezuelan pianist Teresa Carreño , was built from 1976 to 1983 and opened on April 19, 1983. The building complex was designed by the architects Tomás Lugo Marcano, Jesús Sandoval and Dietrich Kunckel, it has a total area of ​​22,000 m². The theater has two large halls, the José Félix Ribas Hall and the Ríos Reyna Hall.

The theater is the residence of the Teresa Carreño Opera Choir , the Teresa Carreño Ballet , which has been directed by the choreographer Vicente Nebrada since 2002, and the National Philarmonic Orchestra of Venezuela.

Maracay Maracay Opera House The Teatro de la Ópera de Maracay is a concert hall in the state of Aragua, Venezuela, commissioned by Juan Vicente Gómez in 1932 . It has space for 860 spectators. Website Opera Theater.jpg
Valencia Municipal Theater of Valencia The Teatro Municipal de Valencia is a theater building in the Venezuelan city of Valencia. The construction was commissioned in 1879 by the President Antonio Guzmán Blanco and the Governor of the State of Carabobo , Don Hermógenes López. It was inaugurated in October 1894. Website Municipal Theater of Valencia.jpg