Castle Guard Company - Schloßgarde-Kompanie

The Castle Guard Company (also called Castle Guard Company ) was in charge of guarding the royal palaces and gardens in Prussia until 1918. On solemn occasions she wore high grenadier hats from the 18th century.

The Castle Guard Company consisted of semi-invalid NCOs of the infantry who had served at least twelve years . Participation in campaigns was welcome, military awards were an absolute requirement. Without exception, the troops were made up of Prussia. The command was initially with a sergeant-lieutenant , later with a wing adjutant . The company had two sergeants - sergeants , five sergeant non-commissioned officers and 62 non-commissioned officers. After 25 years of service, the NCOs received the portepee and a sword with a crown and were therefore called crown guards.

The Castle Guard Company was founded on March 30, 1829 as a Guard Sergeant Company and renamed on October 3, 1861.



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