Damp sea rescue station - Seenotrettungsstation Damp

Logo DGzRS neu.svg Damp sea rescue station
Land GermanyGermany Germany
berth Niebymole, south
side of the harbor 24351 Damp ( SH )
Stationsgründung 1971
carrier German Society for the Rescue of Shipwrecked People (DGzRS)
Sea rescuer 11 volunteers
Foreman Thomas Schulze
next SK station Olpenitz DGzRS
Boat type Lifeboat
Bootsname SRB 69 Nimanoa
crew 3 persons
Callsign DA6180
Bootsklasse 10.1-meter class
on ward November 2017
previous Station New building
Stand 2020

The Damp Sea Rescue Station is a base of the German Society for Rescue of Shipwrecked People (DGzRS) on the Baltic Sea in Schleswig-Holstein .

The voluntary Seenotretter from Damp and around occupy in a distress situation shortly the lifeboat (SRB) Nimanoa , which is prepared in the marina at the bridge A of the Niebymole used. As a rule, the alarm is given by the DGzRS headquarters in Bremen, where the Bremen Sea Emergency Management (MRCC Bremen) constantly monitors all alarm routes for sea rescue.

The Nimanoa is a 10.1 meter long boat of the current design . It is the first of seven newbuildings of the same class that were commissioned by the DGzRS at the Tamsen Maritim shipyard in Rostock . The sea rescuers use it to secure the area in front of the small town of Damp south of the Schlei, which is very popular with water sports enthusiasts .

In the event of a major emergency in the sea area, help comes from the Olpenitz Sea Rescue Station with the rescue cruiser Fritz Knack stationed there . Mutual aid missions also take place with and with the rescuers of the neighboring stations:

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Coordinates: 54 ° 34 ′ 56.1 ″ N , 10 ° 1 ′ 34 ″ E