Fedderwardersiel sea rescue station - Seenotrettungsstation Fedderwardersiel

Logo DGzRS neu.svg Fedderwardersiel sea rescue station
Land GermanyGermany Germany
berth Harbor, west side
26969 Fedderwardersiel ( NI )
Stationsgründung 1874
carrier German Society for the Rescue of Shipwrecked DGzRS
Sea rescuer ? Volunteers
next SK station Bremerhaven DGzRS
Boat type Lifeboat
Bootsname SRB 53 Emil Zimmermann
crew 3 persons
Callsign DD4662
Bootsklasse 9.5-meter class
on ward February 2020
previous Station Puttgarden DGzRS
Stand @ 2020

The Fedderwardersiel sea rescue station is a base of the German Society for the Rescue of Shipwrecked People (DGzRS) in the fishing port of Fedderwardersiel . From there, the voluntary sea rescuers secure the area on the west side of the Outer Weser with the Wadden Sea off the Budjadingen peninsula . The shipping in the area consists of shrimp fishermen and excursion boats that go to the seal banks . In addition, sailors coming from the Jade or the Weser fairway head for the port, which falls dry at low tide, and can get stuck in the tidal channels of the Wadden Sea.

In the event of an emergency at sea, the local volunteers temporarily manned the rescue boat (SRB) Emil Zimmermann . The boat had previously been on duty at the Puttgarden sea rescue station on the island of Fehmarn and in 2020 replaced the predecessor boat Hermann Onken of the 8.5 meter class , which was given to the rescue service in Georgia .

As a rule, the alarm is issued by the DGzRS headquarters in Bremen , where the Bremen Sea Emergency Management (MRCC Bremen) constantly monitors all alarm routes for sea ​​rescue .

In the event of a major distress at sea in the busy area between Jade and Weser, the neighboring stations are involved:

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Coordinates: 53 ° 35 ′ 43.4 " N , 8 ° 21 ′ 33.6" E