SG crowds - SG Massen

SG crowds
Name Sports community
Massen 1911/45 eV
Seat Unna - Massen ,
North Rhine-Westphalia
founding 23. June 1945
Colours green white
First soccer team
Venue Stadium at the sun school
Places 1.800
League District League Westphalia 8
2019/20 11th place

The SG Massen (officially: Sportgemeinschaft Massen 1911/45 eV ) is a sports club from the Unna district of Massen . The club offers football , handball and gymnastics . The soccer team played one year in the highest Westphalian amateur league.


The roots of SG Massen can be found in the BV Massen association founded in 1911 . Massener FC was founded in 1919 . Both clubs merged two years later to form the Massener Sportvereinigung (MSV). After the end of the Second World War , today's SG Massen was founded as the successor to the MSV on June 23, 1945. [1]


The footballers of the SG masses started in the district class. After the runner-up in 1953 behind Westfalia Kamen , the championship succeeded a year later with 119-23 goals and 55-1 points. [2] For the Massener increased promotion to the Landesliga Westfalen , which at that time highest Westphalian amateur league. With one point behind Germania Hamm , the direct relegation followed in the 1954/55 season as third from bottom. A year later, the SG returned as runner-up in the regional league. The Massener benefited from the fact that in the course of the introduction of the Association League, the district class runners-up were also allowed to rise.

As a climber, the Massener immediately became runner-up behind Hammer SpVg in 1957 and reached the promotion round to the association league, in which the five national league champions played another climber. Here the SG failed as second to Teutonia Lippstadt . [3] Two years later it went back to the district class before the Massener returned to the state league for a year in the 1961/62 season. In 1966 there was another chance to return to the national league, but the Massener lost the playoff against Soester SV 2: 3 in front of 3,000 spectators. In the following decades, the team commuted between the district and district leagues A. [1]In 2014, the SG Massen missed their return to the district league after losing relegation games against SpVg Bönen and VfL Kemminghausen . [4] In 2019, the promotion succeeded after the Massener prevailed in the decider for the district championship against SVE Heessen 3-1 after extra time .

The women's team of the SG played in the years 2004/05 and 2006/07 in the regional league and now in the district league. [5]


The handball players of the SG Massen made it into the Association League Westphalia in 1972 and only barely missed promotion to the then third-class Oberliga Westfalen a year later. In 1980 the B-Juniors became German runners-up, two years later the C-Juniors repeated this success. In 1984 the same team was again German runner-up in the B-youth. [1] In all three German runner-up of opponents and later German champion who was TSV Dutenhofen , 1984 only by the outward more goals scored. Since 2017 the association has formed the SGH Unna Massen together with the HSG Unna .


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