European Football Championship 1960 / Soviet Union - Fußball-Europameisterschaft 1988/Sowjetunion

This article covers the Soviet national team at the 1960 European Football Championship .


There were no qualifying groups for this first edition of the European Championship, but the four participants in the final tournament were played in a preliminary round - in which Czechoslovakia prevailed against Ireland - as well as the subsequent round of sixteen and quarter-finals in a knockout system (each with two legs) determined. These preliminary rounds began after the 1958 World Cup and lasted until June 1960.

In the second round, the Soviet Union eliminated Hungary . The Soviets won 3-1 in the first leg and 1-0 away in the second leg in Hungary . In the quarter-finals, the opponent was Spain . Due to the Cold War , Spain refused to play in the Soviet Union under the then fascist Franco government . The Soviet Union refused to play on neutral ground, so both games were decided 3-0 for the Soviet Union and Spain received a penalty. Thus, the Soviets were qualified for the finals in France .

Soviet contingent

Name former club birthday Games Tore
Vladimir Maslatschenko Moscow locomotive 05.03.1936
Lev Yashin Dynamo Moscow 22.10.1929 2
Giwi Tschocheli Dinamo tiflis 27.06.1937 2
Vladimir Kessarev Dynamo Moscow 26.02.1930
Anatoli Krutikow Spartak Moscow 21.09.1933 2
Anatoli Masljonkin Spartak Moscow 29.06.1930 2
Victor Zarjow Dynamo Moscow 02.06.1931
Igor Netto(C)Captain of the crew Spartak Moscow 09.01.1930 2
Jury Woinow Dynamo Kiev 29.11.1931 2
German Apuchtin CSKA Moscow 12.06.1936
Walentin Bubukin Moscow locomotive 23.04.1933 2
Saur Kalojew Dinamo tiflis 24.03.1931
Jury Kowaljow Dynamo Kiev 06.02.1934
Micheil Meschi Dinamo tiflis 12.01.1937 2
Slawa Metreweli Torpedo Moscow 30.05.1936 2 1
Wiktor Ponedelnik SKA Rostow 22.05.1937 2 2
Valentin Ivanov Torpedo Moscow 19.11.1934 2 2
Gawriil Katschalin 17.01.1911

Games of the Soviet team


6. Juli 1960 in Marseille ( Stade Vélodrome )
CzechoslovakiaCzechoslovakia Czechoslovakia Soviet Union 0:3 (0:1)


July 10, 1960 in Paris ( Prinzenparkstadion )
Soviet Union Yugoslavia Socialist Federal RepublicYugoslavia Yugoslavia 2: 1 n. V. (1: 1, 0: 1)

The Soviets won the first European championship and could call themselves European champions. In addition, her two players Valentin Ivanov and Wiktor Ponedelnik were top scorer along with three other players.