SSV Hagen - SSV Hagen

SSV Hagen e. В.
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Name Spiel- und Sportverein
Hagen e. V.
Seat Hagen , North Rhine-Westphalia
founding 1905
Colours Red White
First soccer team
Venue Ischeland Stadium
Places that. 16,500
League District League Westphalia 6
2019/20 16th place

The SSV Hagen e. V. is a sports club in the independent city ​​of Hagen . The sports currently practiced are soccer , weightlifting , jazz dance , jiu jitsu and cycling . All departments except Jazz Dance are legally independent associations . The club's coat of arms shows a black eagle on a white background.


Early years

In 1905 the Hagener Football Club (HFC) was founded, whose sports facility was the Höing and still is today. In 1919 the game department of AH 1860 joined. At that time, the game took place on Cunostraße. In 1924 the name of the club was changed to Hagener Sportclub, as the club was expanded to include handball , batterball , athletics and fistball . From now on the club's coat of arms was a yellow triangle with HSC lettering. A year later there was another expansion; Boxing , wrestling and weight training were now practiced in the club. From 1930 was at HSC table tennisplayed. In 1932 the handball players at HSC were West German champions. In 1933 there was a merger between HSC and Hagen 11. The club was now called Deutscher Sportclub Hagen (DSC Hagen) and the eagle became its coat of arms. In 1934 the DSC became the sixth best team in the Gauliga Westfalen, which was then one of the 16 represented the highest leagues, with each time between 1933 and 1944 the FC Schalke 04 became Gaumeister in Westphalia and thus only qualified for the qualifying games for the German football championship. In the Gauliga, the DSC played, also in 1934/35 (9th place) and 1940/41 (9th place), including championship games against today's traditional clubs FC Schalke 04, Borussia Dortmund , VfL Bochum ,Prussia Münster and Arminia Bielefeld . In 1934 the hockey department was founded and cycling was added four years later . In the following year, the DSC Hagen had several successes. C. Kumpmann became German champion over 110 m hurdles. In addition, all West German table tennis titles went to the DSC.

post war period

SSV Hagen played in the Landesliga Westfalen Group 1 in the 1945/46 season, where the last two championship games so far took place against today's great FC Schalke 04, which on May 26, 1946 in the first leg in Hagen 1: 3 (0 : 0), and on July 17, 1946 in the second leg in the Glückaufkampfbahn with 9: 1 (3: 0) lost. Before that, the parent club DSC Hagen dissolved into the Spielvereinigung Hagen 11 and the Spiel- und Sportverein Hagen (SSV Hagen). The football department then began to play in the newly founded, now first-class regional league (instead of the obsolete Gauliga) in 1945, but the following year it was relegated to the Sauerland 1 district league. In 1948, there was immediate resurgence. 40,000 spectators were present at the playoffs against Iserlohn. In 1950 the club decided to play contract football, so that the 1st team first reached the then 2nd League West. In the same year F. Hoog became German boxing champion. The departments were founded in 1951 and 1954Basketball and judo . In 1953 the footballers were relegated to the amateur league. In 1955 there was a structural expansion. A sports hall of its own was built above the SSV-Platz Höing. However, this was demolished in 1973.

Years of success

In 1960, the SSV won its season of the Association League Westphalia, which was promoted in 1956, but failed in the games for the Westphalia Championship at BV Selm . By renouncing it, SSV Hagen rose again to the 2nd division , but was only fifteenth there and was relegated again. Since the promotion year 1966 in the Regionalliga Westplayed the SSV in the Ischeland Stadium; the average attendance was 10,000. But even the fans could not prevent relegation the following year. The basketball department of the SSV, however, achieved the greatest successes. In 1974 they became German basketball champions and one year later the team won the German Basketball Cup. At that time the footballers played in the association league. In 1979 the clubhouse was inaugurated. In the following two years there was relegation to the state league and promotion to the association league. In 1984 the chess department was founded. Three years later, the first football team was relegated to the national league.

Problem years

In 1988 the association ran into financial problems due to high tax demands. A settlement application resulted in the loss of all properties . The individual departments were dissolved and made independent. The basketball department became an independent association, SSV GoldStar Hagen . The remaining departments were accommodated at Union Hagen. In 1989 football games were resumed as FSV Hagen . In 1993 it was renamed again to SSV Hagen-Fußball eV At this time the club played in the district league.


In 1996 an SSV youth and club home was built on the Höing. In 1997 the new umbrella association SSV Hagen was founded. The departments belonging to the umbrella club were football , weightlifting , gymnastics , jazz dance , judo , cycling , table tennis and jiu jitsu . In 1998 the footballers were promoted to the national league. There they made it into the association league in 2004. In order to create direct promotion, Olivier Djappa and Nissim Beniesch were signed up as coaches, among others, but only became runner-up behind Westfalia Herne . In the 2005/06 season they signed Frank BenatelliAs a coach, however, there were financial problems which led to the fact that a large part of the top performers had to be let go. Frank Benatelli also left the club. The bankruptcy could be averted, but the financial situation was still tense. The majority of the team now consisted of youth players. In the 2009/10 season, the SSV occupied 16th and last place in the table in the seventh-class regional league and thus rose athletically in the district league. Since the permanent financial difficulties could not be resolved, the board of the association felt compelled on June 1, 2010 to submit an application for insolvency at the district court of Hagen . [1]After the association managed to raise funds at short notice through fundraising campaigns, the bankruptcy application was withdrawn in June 2010. [2]After the club had initially registered its first team for the eight-class district league and the team had already been divided into Group 14, the withdrawal had to be declared shortly before the start of the season, as the club had not got a competitive team together. A few days later, the club also announced the reserve team, which was eligible to play in the district league A, from the game. This means that the traditional club was only represented in junior football in the 2010/11 season. In the 2011/12 season, the club started a fresh start in the men's area and entered the A1 district league.


In the 2014/15 season, the Hagen were unbeaten champions of season 1 in the Hagen district league A. With two wins in the promotion relegation against the master of the parallel season Blau-Weiss Voerde , the Hagen made promotion to the district league. In the 2016/17 season, the team rose 16 points ahead of their pursuers in the national league. During the winter break, the squad was significantly reorganized despite an eleven point lead, twelve players left the team and eleven players joined the team. In the following year the team was renewed once again from the "rising team" remained only player-coach Giovanni Federico, Captain Tim Paulsen, Gianluca Salvo and goalkeeper Timo Reinhard who had switched to the Dortmund district division TSC Eintracht Dortmund for about a month. In the Landesliga 2017/2018 season, SSV Hagen played a reasonably good first half of the season, but it was not acceptable for the investments made in the summer, which is why the squad was significantly streamlined during the winter break and thus made cheaper. In the course of the second half of the season it became clear that the SSV is no longer really competitive. Shortly after the start of the second half of the season, player-coach Giovanni Federico resigned and Marco Slupek took over SSV Hagen. After a 1: 2 defeat against fellow promoted VfL Bad Berleburg, Slupek also resigned due to differences with the club's management, but Zejlko Nikolic took over for him after the 0: 2 defeat in the derby against SV Hohenlimburg would be released again until the end of the season Ömür Turhan coached the team. SSV Hagen kept the class after a 1-0 win against RW Hünsborn on the last match day. In the cup final, the team lost 1: 3 n.V. against the upper division TuS Ennepetal. After the cup final, President Ömür Turhan retired and Klaus Kaiser took over the SSV as President.

For the 2018/2018 season, the SSV had to completely rebuild the squad again due to money problems and relied on many young players from the lower classes. As the first of three players from last year's squad, goalkeeper Timo Reinhard extended his contract with SSV. The new coaches of the SSV would be Ali Demirönal and Fadil Salkanovic. Goalkeeper Timo Reinhard suffered a serious knee injury in the first week of the new season and will probably be out for the entire season.


The first team in the soccer department played in the regional league 2 of the Westphalia soccer and athletics association until the 2009/10 season . The home games were played in the Ischeland Stadium, which is located in the Altenhagen district . The stadium is suitable for the second division and has a capacity of around 16,500 spectators . After the restart in the district league A in the 2011/12 season, the first team plays on the artificial turf pitch "Am Höing". However, a return to the Ischeland Stadium is planned.

The 2012/13 season was the coach of the 1st team Sedat Tekin, while his predecessor Paulo Felix (2011/2012 season) acted as the sporting director. In the first season after the resumption of play in the men, the first team in the Hagen district league A1 occupied 12th place in the table. In the following season 2013/14 Ömür Turan was coach. He helped the ailing club to stand on healthy feet, both athletically and economically. In the said season, the Hageners were sovereign champions of their district league season Hagen A1, but missed promotion to the district league after two defeats in the relegation games against the champions of the district league season A2, Black and White Breckerfeld. A year later, the promotion succeeded, which was followed by promotion to the regional league in 2017.


The biggest rival of the SSV was mostly the current national league team Hasper SV from the Hagen district of Haspe . Both clubs have been fighting for the audience in Hagen for decades. One can speak of rivalry and a derby when the two football teams of the clubs met. The duels against Spvgg Hagen in 1911 and the Hagen district club SV Hohenlimburg 10 also met with particular interest in the region.

Sporting successes


  • 1960–1961 2. West League
  • 1966–1967 Regionalliga West
  • 1982 Westphalia Cup Winner A-Youth
  • 1984 Westphalia Cup Winner A-Youth: In the final, Borussia Dortmund was defeated 3-2 on penalties.


  • 1974 German champion
  • 1975 German cup winner

Known players


see under Brandt Hagen


Other departments

Table tennis

The table tennis department was formed in 1930. After the Second World War, the men's team played in the Oberliga Westfalen until the mid-1950s. 1967 began the success of the women's team, which played for many years in the top German division, formerly Oberliga, now Bundesliga .

SSV Hagen also became known as the host of numerous international events.

  • 1945 Promotion of men to the Westphalian Oberliga: Willi Herzog, Günter Wiegand, Werner Brock, "Tuck" Scherff, Gerd Severin, Friedhelm Brand, Fritz Wieschhoff, Willi Büsener
  • 1982: Women's promotion to the Bundesliga: Irena Haase, Monika Otto, Rosemarie Seidler, Barbara Lang [3]

At the end of the 2010/11 season, the table tennis department of the SSV dissolved after more than 80 years of existence. The active players joined the table tennis department of TSV Hagen 1860 from the 2011/12 season . [4]


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