Sunsundegui - Sunsundegui

Sunsundegui, S.A.
Type Mechanical manufactures
Industry Mechanics
Gender Car bodies
Legal form open capital company
Foundation 1944
Founder José Sunsundegui
Headquarters Alsasua ,SpainFlag of Spain.svg Spain
Operation area Europe , Asia and Africa
Director Jose Ignacio Murillo
products SC7 SC5 SB3
Services Vehicle body
Income 65 mill. (2008)
Owner Employees-shareholders
Employees 450 (2015)[1]
Restructuring 2013
Coordinates 42°54′10″N 2°11′18″O / 42.902777777778, -2.1883333333333

Sunsundegui, SA , is a Spanish company based in Alsasua ( Navarra ) and dedicated to the bodywork of large tonnage vehicles, especially coaches and trains .

The company was founded in Irun ( Guipúzcoa ) in 1944 and reached its record turnover in 2008 , but mismanagement led to a severe economic crisis that forced that in 2009 the Government of Navarra , through Sodena , take charge of its management. [ 2 ] Its staff in 2010 was 249 employees. [ 3 ]

At the end of 2012, the Government of Navarra decided to divest from Sunsundegui, reaching an agreement in the first half of 2013 with the employees and the management team, who took over the shareholders of the company.

In addition to the Spanish market, Sunsundegui exports buses to 16 countries in Europe , Asia and Africa , [ 4 ] for which in 2008 it received the export award from the Government of Navarra. [ 3 ]

The workforce in 2019 is around 450 employees.


The first Sunsundegui workshop was founded in Irún in 1944 by the Irun businessman José Sunsundegui. The strategic location of the town, on the border between Spain and France , led to the location of the company there, initially dedicated to the repair of railway equipment . [ 4 ]

In 1956 the company moved to the Navarran town of Alsasua , an important point in the railway development of the s. XX . Dedicated exclusively to the repair of Renfe trains , the company entered a serious crisis when the state company began to install its own repair workshops. In 1987 , and when the situation was more serious, a new management group took over the management of the company, which adapted its services to the repair and bodywork of trains , buses and coaches . [ 4 ]

In the 1990s , Sunsundegui began its takeoff, thanks to the export of its vehicles to countries such as Israel and the United Kingdom . This led him to sign important commercial agreements with Volvo to body the motorized platforms of the Swedish company , thus commercializing one on these chassis preferentially. [ 4 ]

Added to the significant progress of the company was its agreement with the FEVE railway company , which began in 2000 an important plan to modernize its railway equipment, commissioned mainly from Sunsundegui, which manufactured locomotives and automobiles for the state agency. Likewise, it also manufactured trains for Ferrocarriles de la Generalidad Valenciana . [ 4 ] These works led him to establish an alliance with the Guipuzcoan company Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (CAF) to undertake these projects.

At the end of 2008, it also signed a contract with the Dubai public transport company for the manufacture of 55 luxury Sideral model buses. [ 5 ]

Despite this great progression, poor management of the company led it to be plunged into a serious crisis, reaching a debt of 16 million euros at the end of 2008 , which led it to present two EREs . In September 2009 , given the foreseeable bankruptcy of the company, the Government of Navarra took charge of it through the Sociedad de Desarrollo de Navarra (Sodena) with the aim of "cleaning up the firm and recovering the lost prestige". [ 2 ]

At the end of 2012, the Government of Navarra decided to divest from Sunsundegui, reaching an agreement in the first half of 2013 with the employees and the management team, who acquired the capital of the company.

Since 2014, the company began a new stage of recovery supported by the new management and the success of its new models.

In 2018, it signed a major contract to supply 143 luxury SC5 coaches [ 6 ] , followed later in 2019 by another contract to manufacture 373 intercity buses of the SB3 model. [ 7 ]



Sunsundegui SC7 with the colors of the Villarreal CF .

Sunsundegui's activity in the bus sector consists of the bodywork of motorized platforms of various prestigious brands: Volvo , Mercedes-Benz , Scania , MAN and Irisbus .

Among the products manufactured in this sector, one of the most sought-after is that of luxury coaches , used both for public transport and by private entities, with customized vehicles for football teams and cycling teams. The Alsasua company manufactured the coaches for the Caisse d'Epargne and Euskaltel-Euskadi teams , as well as Granada CF and UD Almería . [ 4 ] In addition, the company also markets various models of urban and interurban buses. [ 8 ]

The current range is made up of the SC7, SC5 and SB3 models.

Until the 2010s, it also developed bus models for urban transport. The well-known CityStylo, for example, which in Madrid was seen rolling on MAN NL.262 chassis, for more than a decade, and of which several copies were donated by the company to the Dominican Republic .

With an adequate aesthetic renovation, and with Volvo and Mercedes-Benz engines, the CityStylo was a successful model in several companies of the Madrid Transport Consortium . Companies like Boadilla had several copies, which would later be sold to other companies. One of these Volvo B10Ls, for example, rolled through the streets of Avilés until about five years ago .

Subsequently, and with the entry on the scene of the Astral interurban model, it had been decided to renew the model. It had a remarkable facelift, to the point that with its new name AstralVia, it was presented at the Madrid International Bus and Coach Fair ( FIAA ) in 2008, although it did not reach the success of its predecessor.

Years later, after the SB3 intercity model was launched on the market, the creation of a city bus model is not contemplated.


A unit 2900 of FEVE at the railway station Guardo .

Within the railway sector, Sunsundegui and its ally CAF manufacture locomotives and railcars for Renfe Operadora , FEVE , Ferrocarriles de la Generalidad Valenciana and Euskotren , although in the past they undertook the repair and transformation of RENFE material , such as the re-grading of the trains of the WM + WR 100 of the RENFE between 1973 and 1974. within the modernization program of FEVE, Sunsundegui manufactured at its factory in Alsasua models of locomotives hybrid series 1900 (adaptation of the old 1000 series of Alsthom ) and diesel railcars 2600 seriesand the modern 2700 and 2900 , put into service from 2009 . [ 9 ]

Since 2011 the company has not been active in the railway sector, concentrating on the bus sector.


At the national level, the company reaches market shares of 16% in the discretionary segment, and 30% in the commuter segment. [ 10 ]

Sunsundegui exports luxury coaches to Europe ( United Kingdom , Ireland , Iceland , France , Italy , Switzerland , Austria , Germany , Czech Republic , Slovenia , Bosnia-Herzegovina , Croatia , Belarus and Russia ), Asia ( Israel and United Arab Emirates ) and Africa ( Egypt ). [ 4 ]In 2009 sales figures coach reached 207 units, experiencing a significant drop compared to the previous year, when it sold 494. [ 1 ] [ 11 ]


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