SuS Kaiserau - SuS Kaiserau

SuS Kaiserau
Name Games and Sports
Kaiserau 1920 eV
Seat Kamen - Kaiserau ,
North Rhine-Westphalia
founding 1920
Colours black yellow
First soccer team
Venue Jahnstrasse sports field
Places n.b.
League Regional League Westphalia 3
2019/20 15th place

SuS Kaiserau (officially: Spiel und Sport Kaiserau 1920 eV ) is a football club from the Kamen district of Kaiserau in the Unna district . The association was founded in 1920. The first team played in the highest Westphalian amateur league for five years.


The club was founded in 1920 and played from 1931 to 1933 in the then second class 1st district class Westphalia . [1] After the war, managed the team in 1949 promotion to the Landesliga Westfalen , which at that time highest Westphalian amateur league. After only one year, the direct relegation followed when the Kaiserauer missed qualifying for the single-track national league in twelfth place. In the following season in the short-lived 2nd regional league, SuS was passed through to the district class, but in 1952 managed to return to the regional league.

After seventh places in the 1953/54 and 1954/55 seasons , the Kaiserauer barely missed qualifying for the newly created Federation League in 1956, finishing eighth . Three years later the team went down to the district class, before being promoted back to the regional league in 1962. In the 1961/62 season, the Kaiserauer were able to achieve 146 goals in 30 league games. [2] in 1967 followed the renewed descent into Bezirksklasse before the club from the higher leagues disappeared.

After relegation in 2004, the club played in the district league before being promoted to the state league in 2018.


Individual evidence

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