SV Paderborn - SV Paderborn

The SV Paderborn (officially: Sportverein 1913 Paderborn eV ) was a sports club from Paderborn . The first soccer team played in the highest Westphalian amateur league for a year. The SV is a predecessor of today's SC Paderborn 07 .


The club was founded on October 12, 1913 by former players of FC Preußen Paderborn , from which the long-standing local rival VfJ 08 Paderborn should form. [1] [2] In terms of sport, the SV was always in the shadow of VfJ and mostly played second class. In 1928 the SV had the opportunity to advance to the top division. In the promotion games to the 1st district class Westphalia , the Paderborn met the Bielefelder SpVgg . In Bielefeld, the SV lost 2-0 and in the second leg on their own place even 1: 6. [3] During the Second World War , the SV went into a war syndicatewith local rivals VfJ 08 Paderborn. From then on acted as Sportfreunde Rot-Weiß Paderborn to [2] and was recorded without athletic skills in the Gauliga Westfalen 1944th There the so-called " tank team " defeated Union Herford 3-0 and SV 07 Neuhaus even 5-0. After these games, game operations were canceled. [4]

After the end of the war, the VfJ and the SV went their separate ways again, with the SV initially joining the competing association for popular sports [5] and in 1947 relegated to the district class. It was not until 1952 that the team returned to the district class and three years later made it to the Landesliga Westfalen , which was then the highest amateur league in Westphalia. As the third last of the 1955/56 season , the newly created Association League was Westphaliamissed by lengths and the SV just like the VfJ only played fourth class. When VfJ was also relegated from the regional league in 1957, SV Paderborn was the city's number one in sport for the first time. This status did not last long. Only a year later, SV Paderborn had to play in a playoff against SV Löhne-Obernbeck to keep up, which ended in neutral Bielefeld with 2-2 after extra time . The replay in Lemgo decided Löhne-Obernbeck 4-0 for themselves. [6]

In terms of sport, the SV did not get beyond the district class after relegation. Highlights were third places in the years 1959, 1960, 1962 and 1964. [7] Since the VfJ also stagnated at the same time, the leaders of both clubs attended negotiations on a merger of the two clubs. Finally, in 1968 VfJ 08 and SV Paderborn merged to form 1. FC Paderborn , which was merged into TuS Paderborn-Neuhaus on July 1, 1985 and has been called SC Paderborn 07 since 1997. [1]

Individual evidence

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