SVA Gütersloh - SVA Gütersloh

SVA Gütersloh
Club crest
Full name Sports association Arminia
Gütersloh 1918 eV
place Gütersloh , North Rhine-Westphalia
Founded August 1945
Club colors green white
Stadium Heidewaldstadion
Top league Regionalliga West
successes Westphalia champion 1971

SVA Gütersloh (officially: Sportvereinigung Arminia Gütersloh 1918 eV ) is a sports club from the East Westphalian district town of Gütersloh in North Rhine-Westphalia with the departments tennis , handball , badminton , hapkido , athletics , popular sports and a cardiovascular sports group. The handball department is involved in the HSG Gütersloh . [1]

The football department merged on May 12, 1978 with that of DJK Gütersloh to form FC Gütersloh , the predecessor club of today's FC Gütersloh . The first soccer team played for three years in the then second-rate regional league and once took part in the DFB Cup . The home ground was the Heidewald Stadium .



The 1918 Gütersloh sports association was founded in 1918 . On February 9, 1925, the German SC 1925 Gütersloh split off. This merged in 1933 with the Spiel und Sport 1923 Gütersloh club , which until 1923 formed the football department of the Gütersloh gymnastics club founded on September 7, 1879 , to form the Arminia Gütersloh sports club . The club DJK Gütersloh was also founded in 1923 , which was first renamed VfK Gütersloh and in 1935 joined the Arminia Gütersloh sports club. In August 1945, the 1918 sports association and the Arminia sports association merged to form the Arminia Gütersloh sports association . [2]The greatest sporting success before the Second World War was the promotion to the then first-class district league Westphalia in 1931. After only one season, the team had to leave the league as the bottom of the table in the Eastern group.

Post-war period (1945 to 1963)

The SVA Gütersloh was generally referred to as the "Greens" and was in close contact with the publishing house and media group Bertelsmann , which offered many players jobs. The team initially played in the 1945/46 season in the Beckum / Paderborn district class and then moved to the Bielefeld district class . In 1950, Arminia secured the championship and promotion to the newly created 2nd regional league of Westphalia with a five-point lead over SpVgg Fichte Bielefeld .

This league, which only existed for a short time, was only a transit station for the SVA. With a six point lead over Borussia Lippstadt , the “Greens” clearly secured the championship and promotion to the Landesliga Westfalen , which was the highest Westphalian amateur league at the time. The TuS Bad Salzuflen was 10: 0, SpVg Werne even with 11: 0 defeat. [3]

The Gütersloher established themselves as the top team in the regional league. In 1955 the SVA was runner-up behind VfB 03 Bielefeld . A year later , the "Greens" ended the season tied with Union Herford . The Gütersloher won the decider for the relay championship in the neutral Brackwede 1-0 and thus moved into the final round of the Westphalia championship. In this round, the team managed only one victory with a 3-1 against Arminia Ickern , while the games against Dortmund's SC 95 and the Sportfreunde from Gladbeck and Siegen were lost. [4]Nevertheless, Arminia qualified for the newly introduced Association League Westphalia .

In the very first season the “Greens” were runner-up behind SpVg Beckum and placed ahead of Arminia Bielefeld for the third time in a row . In the following years, the team slipped into mid-table. In 1962 , the SVA saved themselves from relegation by one point ahead of Black-Yellow Rheda . A year later, the "Greens" could only leave VfL Resse 08 behind and were relegated to the fourth-class national league.

The Gütersloh "Football War" (1963 to 1974)

In 1964 the furniture manufacturer Willy Stickling offered to sponsor the SVA, but was turned down by the club's management. Stickling then turned to local rival DJK Gütersloh. After three unsuccessful attempts, Arminia only made it back into the association league in 1967 and relegated local rivals DJK to second place. In the following years, a duel for supremacy in Gütersloh football developed, which the football team called the "football war". [2]

In 1970 the "Greens" were runner-up in their season behind Eintracht Gelsenkirchen and moved into the German amateur championship after a 3-1 playoff win over the Hombrucher FV 09 . The team reached the quarter-finals via FC Emmendingen and failed there at the eventual champions SC Jülich . The 1970/71 season ended Arminia and Hammer SpVg tied in first place. The playoff for the relay win ended 2-2 after extra time. In the replay the "Greens" prevailed 3-2 after extra time. Arminia won the final of the Westphalia Championship against VfL Klafeld-Geisweid 08 1-0.

The promotion round to the regional league ended the "Greens" as first in the table ahead of Klafeld and Bayer 05 Uerdingen . After a ninth place in the 1971/72 season , Arminia slipped into the lower regions of the table and missed qualifying for the newly introduced 2nd Bundesliga in 1974. The highlights of the 1973/74 season were the games against Borussia Dortmund which the SVA both won. As the DJK Gütersloh qualified for the 2nd Bundesliga, Arminia was only second in Gütersloh football.

The last years (1974 to 1978)

In 1975 the "Greens" were again champions of their association league relay. As in 1971, the decision was made in playoffs against Union successor SC Herford , which Gütersloher won 2-1 and 1-0. The finals for the Westphalia Championship were lost to Westfalia Herne with 0: 2 and 2: 4, which meant that Arminia missed the promotion round to the 2nd Bundesliga. Decades later, the players claimed that they were not allowed to advance for financial reasons, as the club was still struggling under the legacy of the regional league years. [5]

The Gütersloher took part again in the German Amateur Championship , where they reached the semifinals via the Bremerhaven 93 stations and the amateurs of Schwarz-Weiß Essen . After a 3-0 defeat against VfR Oli Bürstadt , the SVA secured third place after a 2-1 win over SpVgg 07 Ludwigsburg . Two years later , the “Greens” became champions of their association league relay for the third time. Rot-Weiß Lüdenscheidturned out to be too strong in the finals for the Westphalia Championship and secured the title. The Arminia had to play qualifying games for the second division promotion round and prevailed after a 0-1 in the first leg with a 4-1 win in the second leg against Preußen Hameln .

In the promotion round, the team was last behind OSC Bremerhaven , 1. FC Bocholt and Spandauer SV . In the only participation in the DFB Cup in the 1976/77 season, the Arminia was defeated by the second division SV Darmstadt 98 only 2: 3 after extra time . As ninth in the 1977/78 association league season , Arminia should have played qualifying games for the newly created Oberliga Westfalen against VfB Altena . Due to the merger of the SVA footballers with the football department of the DJK, who had qualified in eighth place, the district rival TSG Harsewinkel moved after.




Individual evidence

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