Taxi (2015) - Taxi (2015)

Original title Taxi
Country of production Germany
original language Deutsch
Publishing year 2015
Long 94 minutes
Age rating FSK 6[1]
Director Kerstin Ahlrichs
script Karen duve
production Dieter Zeppenfeld,
Rudi Teichmann
music Michel van Dyke ,
Florian Tessloff
Camera Sonja Rom
cut Florentine Bruck

Taxi is a German film about a taxi driver named Alex in Hamburg in the 1980s. The film with Rosalie Thomass and Peter Dinklage in the leading roles was based on the bestseller of the same name by Karen Duve .

Plot and background

The 25-year-old Alexandra, called Alex, lived in Hamburg during the 1980s. After breaking off her training at an insurance company, she started working as a taxi driver. In addition to the diversity of her nocturnal passengers - cocky drunks, pimps, crazy existences and married couples on the way to the airport - she is particularly fascinated by cash. Among her all male colleagues who have dropped out of college and have other problems is the unsuccessful artist Dietrich, with whom she sleeps and unintentionally ends up in a relationship after he has found her an apartment. In contrast to him, Alex is not interested in French literature, art and culture, but in monkeys, which Dietrich notes with astonishment and provides them with 'real' books.

One night, short Marc climbs into her taxi, who has fascinated Alex before and who at first does not recognize her. Marc forgets his wallet in the back seat, which after a few days gives Alex an opportunity to visit him in his apartment and go to bed with him. Before doing this, she makes it clear to him that she doesn't want a relationship, which Marc initially accepts, even if it contradicts his own needs. Unlike Alex, who is apparently only interested in visiting him sporadically to have sex with him, he wants to date her and wake up next to her. With an unannounced visit to her apartment, during which he also meets Dietrich, he tries to lure her out of the reserve. He pretends to be an old friend and buys one of Dietrich's pictures showing Alex naked.

Meanwhile, Taxi Mergolan , your employer, continues to decline . Some colleagues switch to better paying competitors, the mechanic and cleaning staff are laid off and new vehicles are no longer from Mercedes-Benz, but only lower middle class: VW Jetta. According to the boss, the only salvation would be a total loss or the resulting compensation payment from the insurance company. When Mergolan is also left by his wife, he stands in front of Alex's door at night, drunk, desperate and exhausted. She lets him sleep in her bed out of pity. On leaving the house he is seen by Dietrich, who assumes the two have had sex and confronts Alex. Since she doesn't contradict his suspicions, he ends, to her relief. Her “non-relationship” with Marc also escalates when he - when she wants to get up and want to leave - ties her to the bed and provokes her, she then tells him in the face that he is small and ugly, and he hits her in an affect.

For Alex, life goes on as usual with night taxi rides. When a man gets into her car with an unruly monkey that is supposedly vicious and bites, breaks free and jumps into the back seat, Alex steps on the gas as soon as the man gets out. She drives into the night and dreams for a moment of a new beginning in the monkey's home. Meanwhile, he rages through the vehicle and jumps in her face. The car comes off the lane, overturns several times and becomes a total saving for Taxi Mergolan .

Even for Alex, who survived the accident well with a few wounds, a happy ending is within reach when Marc gets into her taxi and apologizes for his loss of control. After a long silence, she finally admits that she is crazy about him and makes him promise that he will never hold her again if she wants to leave. [2] [3] [4]


Taxi is a B&T Film production, in coproduction with Zinnober Film, Schubert International Filmproduktion, cine plus Filmproduktion and Apollomedia as well as in cooperation with Arte and WDR . He was funded by the Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein , the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW , Nordmedia , the German Filmförderfonds , the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media (BKM) and the Filmförderungsanstalt (FFA).


The film premiered at the Munich Film Festival in 2015 . Outside of Germany he was seen for the first time at the Black Nights Film Festival in Tallinn . The German theatrical release was on August 20, 2015. [5]

Prizes and awards


“Hamburg by night, a brash Rosalie Thomass as Alex, Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones) as her lover, Robert Stadlober very convincing in the role of the education-hindering Schleimers. Only the film doesn't get going because it lacks the line of conflict for real drama. And it's too well filmed to be experimental. " [6]

Duve and Ahlrichs "stick a mendacious happy ending to their film, which nullifies their previous efforts to portray the eighties as an aimlessly meaningless time in which even sex was mercilessly bored." [7]

“Under the direction of Kerstin Ahlrichs, Rosalie Thomass embodies this non-conformist Alex Herwig perfectly. [...] The film, co-produced by WDR and already shown in the cinema, owes its special effect to the careful image design by camerawoman Sonja Rom, who contrasts colorful interiors with the neon and street lamp lights of the big city at night. " [8]

“The actors' performances are consistently excellent. The film is funny, entertaining and moving at the same time. The quick-witted Alexandra, her search for happiness and the wonderfully executed key scene with the monkey will stay in the memory for a long time. " [9]



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