Ramón Collazo Summer Theater - Teatro de Verano Ramón Collazo

Ramón Collazo Summer Theater
34°55′15″S 56°10′11″O / -34.92080972, -56.16968389Coordenadas: 34°55′15″S 56°10′11″O / -34.92080972, -56.16968389
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Summer Theater in 2013.
Other names Montevideo Summer Theater, Summer Theater
Location Uruguay flag Montevideo , Uruguay
Address Rambla Wilson s / n (corner of Cachón) Parque Rodó
Montevideo, Uruguay
Architect Julius Caesar Giacosa
Opening February 10, 1956
Reopening January 5, 1973
Reconstruction February 10, 1956
Capacity 4,235 [ 1 ] people
Administrator Municipality of Montevideo
Summer Theater

The Ramón Collazo Summer Theater is one of the most important entertainment venues in Montevideo ( Uruguay ), both for its privileged location and for its environment and characteristic architecture. It has more than 65 years of existence and both national and international shows have passed through it, [ 2 ] in addition to being the stage on which the official Uruguayan carnival contest is held . [ 3 ]


First location

Its construction began in 1954 and ended in 1956. On February 10, 1956, the Municipal Summer Theater of the Rodó Park was inaugurated. Work that had been entrusted to the architect Julio César Giacosa, at that time an official of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay . The two main aspects that he faced were the perfect visualization of the stage regardless of the location of the spectator and the acoustics since the dome would be made of metal, for which he decided to place an interior cone with special characteristics. At the opening, a concert was offered by the Sodre Symphony Orchestra conducted by Carlos Estrada .


In the early 1960s, the relocation of the theater to Parque Rodó began , despite the contrary opinion of the architect who argued that the specially designed acoustic structure had not been respected.


In 1986 the theater received the new name of the " Ramón Collazo " Summer Theater , [ 4 ] in homage to this emblematic character of the Uruguayan carnival .


Already started the XXI century , the theater wore wear and tear over the years. It was then that the Montevideo Municipal Intendenca decided to start with a complete refurbishment, [ 5 ] and in addition to repairing the original structure, improving and modernizing the technical conditions offered to artists and spectators.

In July 2006, the architect Carlos Pascual was in charge of making a diagnosis of the state of the theater. This resulted in a new design for the stage. The construction system developed by the engineer Eladio Dieste was used for the dome . The cost of this investment was around 5 million Uruguayan pesos . [ 6 ]

On December 29, 2006, the new dome was inaugurated. For this occasion the show Murga Madre was offered, with Pablo Routin and Eduardo Lombardo, directed by Fernando Toja.


The theater is located in the quarries of Parque Rodó .

The theater is located in the Parque Rodó neighborhood , in front of the Rambla. It is an open air theater. It is surrounded by quarries. [ 7 ]

Summer Theater, Parque Rodó. Montevideo; Uruguay

The stage deck is made of reinforced ceramic, a technology developed by the engineer Eladio dieste .


The theater has been the scene of numerous concerts by national and international artists, including:

country Artist Year
Uruguay flag Opa 1987
Uruguay flag Eduardo Mateo 1989
Argentina's flag Patricio Rey And His Redonditos De Ricotta 1989/1990
Uruguay flag Vultures After One 1993/1999/2002/2003/2011
Uruguay flag Niquel 1993/1998
United States flag James Taylor 1994
Spanish flag Joaquin Sabina 1994
Uruguay flag The Quartet of Us 1994/2007/2012/2016/2017
Uruguay flag Argentina's flag The Killer Peyote , Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas 1997
Argentina's flag La Renga 1998
Uruguay flag Uruguay flag Mexican flag Killer Peyote , Male Banana , Molotov 1998
Flag of the United Kingdom Roger Hodgson 1998/2017
Uruguay flag Uruguay flag Argentina's flag Argentina's flag La Tabaré , Bersuit Vergarabat , Knights of the Burning 1999
Flag of Cuba Celia Cruz 2000
Uruguay flag You will not like it 2000/2001/2008/2010/2011/2016
Flag of Cuba Pablo Milanes 2000/2013
Argentina's flag Marcela morelo 2000
Spanish flag La Polla Records 2000
United States flag Lou Reed 2000
Chile's flag Uruguay flag Uruguay flag Joe Vasconcellos , Jorge Drexler , Ruben Rada 2000
Flag of the United Kingdom Mark Knopfler 2001
Venezuela's flag Ricardo Montaner 2001/2016
Argentina's flag Bersuit Vergarabat 2002
Uruguay flag Argentina's flag Good Boys , Lice 2002
Scotland flag Ian Anderson 2005/2017
Flag of the United Kingdom The Alan Parsons Project 2005
Argentina's flag White rat 2006/2008
Ivory Coast flag Alpha blondy 2007
Argentina's flag Divided 2007/2012
United States flag This 2007
United States flag Exodus 2007
Argentina's flag Attack 77 2007
Argentina's flag Mercedes sosa 2008
Canada's flag Bryan Adams 2008
Yugoslavia flag Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra 2008/2016
Brazil's flag Gilberto Gil 2008
Uruguay flag Argentina's flag Bajofondo 2008
Spanish flag Joan Manuel Serrat 2008
Uruguay flag Jaime Roos 2009
Uruguay flag Traitors 2009
Brazil's flag Carlinhos Brown 2009
Netherlands flag Epica 2010
United States flag Pixies 2010
Mexican flag Camila 2010
Argentina's flag Fito Paez 2010/2014/2015/2018
Puerto Rico's flag Gilberto Santa Rosa 2010/2012/2017
Brazil's flag Martinho da Vila 2011/2018
Flag of the United Kingdom Motorhead 2011
Uruguay flag Flag of the United Kingdom Astroboy, Beady Eye 2011
Argentina's flag United States flag Banda de Turistas, Sonic Youth 2011
Uruguay flag United States flag Santullo , Faith No More 2011
Venezuela's flag Chino and Nacho 2011
Brazil's flag Daniela Mercury 2011
Argentina's flag Gustavo Cordera 2011
Argentina's flag The Real Decadent 2011
Puerto Rico's flag Luis Fonsi 2011
Puerto Rico's flag 13TH Street 2011
Brazil's flag Armandinho 2012
Argentina's flag The pills of the grandpa 2012
Venezuela's flag Franco de Vita 2012
United States flag Megadeth 2012/2014
Uruguay flag Argentina's flag Mexican flag Health Friends , Tan Biónica , Café Tacvba 2012
Argentina's flag United States flag Flag of the United Kingdom Babasonicos, Garbage 2012
Argentina's flag Charly garcia 2012
Colombia's flag Juanes 2012
Flag of the United Kingdom Slash 2012
Uruguay flag Argentina's flag Eleven Shots , Los Pericos 2012
United States flag Norah Jones 2012
Spanish flag Extreme hard 2012/2014
United States flag The Black Keys 2013
Flag of the United Kingdom Franz Ferdinand 2013
Argentina's flag The balls 2013
Spanish flag Spanish flag Ana Belén & Victor Manuel 2013
United States flag Chuck Berry 2013
Argentina's flag Vincentian 2013
Argentina's flag So bionic 2013
Brazil's flag Caetano Veloso 2013
Brazil's flag Gabriel the thinker 2013
Flag of the United Kingdom Blur 2013
Argentina's flag Violetta Live 2013
Argentina's flag Andres Calamaro 2013
Brazil's flag The Paralamas do Sucesso 2013
Uruguay flag Uruguay flag Tabaré Cardozo and Ruben Rada 2013
Argentina's flag Chaco Palavecino 2013
United States flag United States flagFlag of the United Kingdom Flag of the United Kingdom Vampire Weekend, Pixies, Johnny Marr, New Order 2014
Spanish flag David Bisbal 2014
Mexican flag Jesse & Joy 2014
Uruguay flag Bad Yours 2014
Argentina's flag Lali Esposito 2014/2015/2016/2018
Argentina's flag Don Osvaldo 2015
Mexican flag Flans 2015
Mexican flag Ov7 2015
Uruguay flag Hold on Catalina 2015
United States flag R5 (band) 2015
Flag of the United Kingdom Morrisey 2015
Flag of the United Kingdom Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds 2016
Uruguay flag Good boys 2016/2018
Uruguay flag The Killer Peyote 2016
United States flag Soldiers of Jah Army 2016
Argentina's flag La Beriso 2016
United States flag Iggy Pop 2016
Argentina's flag Los Nocheros 2016
Uruguay flag Lucas Sugo 2016/2018
United States flag Ha * Ash 2016
Uruguay flag Emil Montgomery 2016
Flag of Cuba Puerto Rico's flag People of the Zone , Wisin 2016
Mexican flag Julieta Venegas 2016
United States flag Joe Satriani 2016
Colombia's flag Carlos Vives 2017
Brazil's flag Titas 2017
Puerto Rico's flag Bad Bunny 2017
Flag of the United Kingdom UB40 2017
Flag of panama Joey Montana 2017
Flag of the United Kingdom Spanish flag United States flag Flag of France Swiss flag The celebrity 2017
United States flag United States flag Chick Corea, Steve Gadd 2017
Uruguay flag Larbanois & Carrero 2017
Argentina's flag Luciano Pereyra 2017/2018
Brazil's flag Black Race 2017
Brazil's flag Alexander Pires 2018
Scotland flag David Byrne 2018
Argentina's flag Chano Moreno Charpentier 2018/2019
Spanish flag Pablo Alboran 2018
Colombia's flag They have to 2018
Colombia's flag Sebastian Yatra 2018
Australian flag Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 2018
Spanish flag Abraham Mateo 2018
Argentina's flag Paulo London 2018
United States flag CNCO 2018
United States flag Patti Smith 2019
Mexican flag Carlos Rivera 2019


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