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A top scorer (from English top “top” and scorer “shooter”), Swiss spelling “top scorer”, describes a player in sport who scores the most points in a team or in a league in a game or in the entire season. The calculation basis is different in the individual sports. A player's offensive success is one of the factors that determine his athletic and financial value for the team.

Top scorer in basketball

In basketball, the term top scorer is usually used for the player who scores the most points in a game for his team. There are two points per basket success in free throws a point and throws beyond the three-point line three points. When viewed over the long term over several games, the meaning of this term disappears. On the one hand, a distinction is then made between the average points achieved per game and the total number of points. Occasionally the total number of points is related to the exact playing minutes of a player and converted to the length of a game.

On the other hand, the effectiveness of a player is also considered, which also takes into account the statistical values ​​assist, rebound, steal, block and turnover recorded in every basketball game as well as the unsuccessful attempts at throwing the basket. The desire to record the performance of a player leads, on the one hand, to ever more precise statistics such as the Player Efficiency Rating (PER), and, on the other hand, to the realization that one is still dependent on subjective scouting , as not every behavior that is beneficial to the team can be recorded statistically.

Top scorer in ice hockey

In ice hockey , the player receives a scorer point for winning a goal or point or for a template - the so-called assist . The term top scorer can be found in the statistics next to the top scorer and the top assistant. In this case, top scorer and top scorer are not synonymous. Often there are cups and awards for the top scorer in tournaments or in leagues , for example the Top Scorer Award of the Canadian Hockey League . [1]

Top scorer in floorball

In floorball, both the goal scorer and the template giver receive a scorer point. In Swiss floorball, the top scorer is sponsored by Mobiliar and wears the top scorer's jersey. Mobiliar's sponsorship runs until 2017. [2] [3]

Top scorer in football

The term is also used in statistical evaluations in football , but only plays a subordinate role next to the top scorer .

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