TSV Peißenberg - TSV Peißenberg

TSV Peißenberg
Greatest successes

Promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga 1991
Promotion to the Oberliga / 2. League 1972
Promotion to the Regionalliga / 3. League 1971
Bavarian champions (4th league) 1971
Bayernkrug cup winner 2004

Club information
story Founding year 1956
Location D-82380 Peißenberg
Nickname Ice chopper
Club colors Red Black
League Ice Hockey Bayern League
Venue Eissporthalle
capacity 3,000 seats (including 250 seats)
2019/20 season 8. Place / Pre-PO

The TSV Peißenberg is a sports club from the Upper Bavarian Peißenberg and consists of the departments baseball , basketball , boxing , ice hockey , fistball , soccer , handball , inline hockey , budo , bowling , athletics , tennis , table tennis , gymnastics .

Ice Hockey Department

All teams of TSV Peißenberg

The TSV ice hockey team played for the first time in higher-class ice hockey in the 1971/72 season in the Regionalliga Süd, from which the team rose to the upper league in 1972/73 . With the introduction of the 2nd Bundesliga in the 1973/74 season, the team was downgraded to the now third-class league , in which the team played almost exclusively until the introduction of the German Ice Hockey League in summer 1994 - with the exception of the 1991/92 season as a season in the old 2. Bundesliga was participated. Then the team played first in the - now second class - 1st League South, but where they relegated to the - third class - 2nd League South 96/97 . With the reintroduction of the 2nd Bundesliga for the 1998/99 season, the team remained in the now fourth-class 2nd League South , which was then renamed again as Regionalliga Süd . After the 2001/02 season , the team, which had meanwhile been outsourced to Peißenberg Hornets GmbH, was canceled and the TSV Peißenberg team began again in 2002/03 in the Bavarian regional league - the lowest division - and has been resuming since the 2004/05 season participated in the ice hockey Bayernliga . In the 2008/09 season, the team reached the runner-up behind the ERV Schweinfurt . On the right in theThose in charge decided not to move up to the top ice hockey league . In the following years the "ice hackers" were a fixture as a team in the Bavarian League and in recent years they have been represented in the play-offs and intermediate rounds.


  • Promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga in 1991
  • Oberliga Süd (2nd division) 3rd place 1977
  • Promotion to the upper league / 2. League 1972
  • Regionalliga Süd (3rd division) 3rd place 1972
  • Promotion to the regional league / 3. League 1971
  • Promotion to the Regional League (BYL) in 2004
  • Bavarian champions (4th league) 1971
  • Bavarian runner-up (4th league) 2009
  • Promotion to the Bayernliga (4th division) in 1970
  • Bavarian regional league champion 1970
  • Champion Bavarian State League / West 2004
  • Bayernkrug cup winner 2004


The stadium is a completely closed ice rink with a capacity of approx. 3000 spectators. In the 2012/13 season, an average of 444 spectators was reached during the preliminary round. The stadium is located in the middle of the “Wörth” district, next to the schools at the sports center and has 250 seats.


In addition to the senior team, TSV Peißenberg also takes part in league games in all age groups with teams.

2013/2014 season

  • Juniors: Bundesliga
  • Youth: Bundesliga
  • Student: District League


  • Willi Pfrogner (editing, idea, design): 1906–2006 Turn- und Sportverein e. V .: A century chronicle of sport in Peißenberg.