TuS Jahn Werdohl - TuS Jahn Werdohl

TuS Jahn Werdohl
Name Gymnastics and sports club
"Jahn" 1874 eV Werdohl
Founded 1874
Association headquarters Werdohl , North Rhine-Westphalia
Chairman Rudolf Völker
Homepage tusjahnwerdohl.de

The TuS Jahn Werdohl (officially: Turn- und Sportverein "Jahn" 1874 eV Werdohl ) is a sports club from Werdohl in the Sauerland Märkisches Kreis . The first soccer team played for four years in the highest Westphalian amateur league, while the first handball team briefly belonged to the then first-class Gauliga Westfalen .


The club goes back to the Werdohler gymnastics club founded in 1874 . The Jahn Werdohl gymnastics club was founded eleven years later . In 1908 the swimming club 08 Werdohl followed , before the soccer clubs Spiel- und Sportclub Versevörde and Werdohler FC followed in 1910 and 1911 . The two football clubs merged in 1914 to form the United Sports Club Werdohl-Versevörde . On April 9, 1919, the clubs mentioned merged to form the Werdohler Gymnastics and Sports Association Jahn . This was named on January 5, 1938 in Werdohler Turn- und Sportbund Jahnbefore the association had to disband in 1945. The Werdohl gymnastics and sports club was founded as its successor in autumn 1945 and took its current name two years later.

The association offers badminton , judo , coronary sports, athletics , cycling , swimming , skiing and gymnastics . The club used to have departments for football and handball.


TuS Jahn Werdohl

In 1926, Jahn Werdohl's footballers were promoted to the then first-class district class of South Westphalia . After several years of mediocrity, the team reached the final of the South Westphalia Championship in 1932 after a 4-1 playoff win over Germania Mudersbach , where the Werdohl team had to admit defeat to SV Hüsten 09 . A year later, the team missed the newly created Gauliga Westfalen . In the meantime, the own stadium was destroyed by a flood of the Lenne . After the end of the warthe Jahn footballers were assigned to the district class and secured the championship in 1950. This was followed by two years in the short-term 2. Landesliga Süd , before Werdohler moved up to the Landesliga Westfalen after a league reform in 1952 , the highest amateur league at the time. There succeeded in the season 1952/53 relegation only after playoffs against VfL Gevelsberg .

Three years later, the team achieved the best ranking in tenth place, but missed qualification for the newly created Association League Westphalia . [2] In 1957, the descent into the district class where the Werdohler in the years 1959 and 1960 each runner-up behind the SV Hohenlimburg or the SV Heggen were. [3] In 1966, the Jahn-footballer descended into the district league, but managed to direct resurgence. Finally, in 1973, they were promoted to the regional league, where the Werdohl team immediately runner-up behind VfB Altenawere. In the following years, the team slipped into the table cellar and finally had to relegate in 1978. With the introduction of the Oberliga Westfalen , Werdohlers slipped down two league levels. In the following season 1978/79 succeeded the direct promotion to the national league. [4]

Successor club FSV Werdohl

FSV Werdohl
Name FSV Werdohl
Venue Riesei stadium
Places 8.000
League State League Westphalia 2
2019/20 12th place

On April 30, 1980, the soccer departments of TuS Jahn and TuS Westfalia Werdohl merged to form FSV Werdohl . This made it into the association league in 1983, but had to relegate again after a year. In 1989, after a playoff victory over the TuS Sundern, the new promotion succeeded, which was again followed by direct relegation. Between 1994 and 1997, as well as in the 2001/02 season, the Werdohlers slipped into the district league. In 2011 the third promotion to the now Westphalian league was made, but this time the direct relegation followed. [5]


The handball players of TuS Jahn reached the West German championship round for the first time in 1933, but failed there in the first game against Arminia Bielefeld . Three years later, the team was promoted to the then first-class Gauliga Westfalen. After a 6:10 defeat at TV Spenge , the direct relegation followed. After the end of the war, the Jahn handball players played in the Südwestfalenliga for several years before the handball players merged with the handball department of TuS Versetal to form the Werdohl / Versetal handball association .


Individual evidence

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